Your First Product Launch? Here is a Checklist…


First impression is the last impression. Also, you won’t get another chance to make that first impression, every body knows that.

When you’re talking to a prospect about your new product launch, it helps them to know what exactly the product is all about and how can it enthuse them to go for your specific product from the wide range of choices available in the market.

A well-planned publicity campaign could as well provide impetus to the marketing of your new product launch while generating interest among a wide set of geographically spread target customers.



Here is a Checklist before the Ultimate Product Launch

1) A Pre-Launch Check up

Before going for a grand product launch, be sure to test the product internally regarding its ability to serve and provide solution to the problems of the customers. At first, properly define the problem of the customer and whether your product can provide fixation of that problem to complete satisfaction of the customer.

Try to solve complaints related to the product on in-house basis rather than being nudged by the customer about your product’s short falls at a later period.

2) Call for First-hand Feedbacks

Before nudging ahead with the grand occasion, ensure trial distribution of your products to a few of the organization’s employees or your personal relatives who would be more than willing to provide a genuine feedback about the working of the product.

Take, for example, suppose you’re into the business of manufacturing mixture and grinders. Allot 3-4 free sets of the grinder, one each to your close relative, employee and if possible for your own family use to gain first-hand feedback about the operational checks and features for your product.

3) Computerized Check up List

Use of computerized systems is almost common in any product these days. They provide an added edge and a desired degree of precision which may not be possible by the way of manual inspection of the product related defects.

Go for the validation of the product idea, verified by a thorough computerized system based on various checks and trials. Get a detail computerized report and if there are any loopholes get the product design tweaked or re-engineered to conform to the requirements of standardization norms.

4) Ensure Proper Marketing and Tie-ups

(A) Media Marketing

A prior necessity in a new launch is the publicity of the product. Some marketers go for a strategic launch and bombarding of the product in the mind of the prospective customer way before the launch, while others promote it with a degree of surprise to be awaited by the customer until the actual product launch period.

You can indulge in marketing tactics such as providing half information in form of small tidbits well in advance. Your goal should be to sell a buzzing product with incomplete information in the public domain that will ensure sizzling of curiosity in the mind of customers.

(B) Conventional Marketing Medium

Partnering initiatives such as marketing tie-ups and JV with those involved in the business of allied product list to that of yours can also work wonders for a product.

Take the same example of mixtures and grinders narrated above. If your product is a new grinder, you can as well tie-up with some leading mixture spare-part manufacturer. They will announce your product to their list; in return you may have to use their spare-parts in your mixtures. That way you can directly target the desired customers.

(C) Marketing through Social Networking Sites

Apart from that, we have already spoken a number of times about the latest tactics of marketing through social networking sites, which is emerging as a source of spreading information at a lightening speed.

5) Take Professional Aid, if Possible.

If need be, do not fret to hire a professional firm to help you launch your product successfully. Such professional firms can help you in providing insightful details regarding market research, product launch strategy, pricing strategy to beat competitors, promotional strategy, brand positioning, and various other kind of data analysis that can prove to be good kick-off for your final product launch event.

6) Finally, the Product Launch

Product launch is the most important period to access the feasibility about your product’s success going into future. Ensure proper planning before going all out with a launch.

Allocate proper provision of adequate resources, recruiting organizational support, positioning of your product in a proper target market, integrate all elements of marketing mix and most of all you should be available during the time of product launch itself.

Be ready to meet a sudden rush of customers if you have already gauged the hype surrounding your product. Take the most recent example of Apple’s iPad. The product sought good initial buzz among the users of tablet computers. But, the company is still striving to meet the over-whelming demand globally.

Lastly, don’t forget to celebrate the success of your launch after a hectic business work out. Ensure participation of all the close aides and employees involved in efforts of manufacturing product to managing your successful product launch.

And, hello… Don’t forget me to send those snap shots of your grand product launch at my e-mail id mentioned below ;)

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  1. Bhuvan khosla says

    sir if u help me new product launch in whole world its unique product what u suggest me .

  2. Arpan Kumar Kar says

    btw u know something…a conventional market research often does not work out.. and for all products…marketing through social media is not the right answer…

    1. Viral says

      Hello Arpan Kumar Kar,

      You’re bang on when you say that socialk media may not work well for all. At the same time, same can be said for conventional form of promotion too. This is just a general discussion about the product launch.

      Something applicable toone business may not be a compatible effort for the other business. Every business has different needs and style of operations.

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