Media Monday: Radio channels with innovative content ideas!


radio mirchiIf you think its only Television Channels which come up with innovative ideas these days, read this- Radio Channels are going a step ahead and are implementing out of the Box ideas. Recently ‘Radio Mirchi’ came up with the idea of playing Tansen’s Raag Megh Malhar during their ‘Sunset Samosa’ show every evening until the rain blesses Mumbai. As qouted:

“Some of the most renowned singers like Javed Ali, Sona Mohapatra, Kavita Seth, Tochi Raina, Shruti Pathak and many more,  along with Mirchi listeners will sing and beckon the monsoons in their inimitable way. “ –source.

As they say, this year Mumbai needs more rain than ever as only a month’s supply of fresh water is left. It’s obvious that such type of efforts will seldom help in rains, but its a nice initiative to spread the awareness about water scarcity in Mumbai.

Radio Mirchi in another effort has started first ever reality show on Radio. The show named ‘Generation A-Star Mirchi Create with Agnee’ is a talent hunt program for local singers across Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangaluru and Pune. This is an initiative from Maruti’s A-Star Car and Agnee band and first of its kind over Radio. To this Shamik Talukder, Senior VP, Radio Mirchi said:

“Radio Mirchi is committed to nurturing music in all its avatars not only through on air experience but in mobile space like Mirchi Mobile, on ground via Mirchi Music Awards etc… With ‘Generation A-Star Mirchi Create with Agnee’ we intend to provide a platform for the aspiring talents of the country, help them to achieve their dreams and make music synonymous with ultimate enjoyment.  Now, you don’t just listen to it, but you can also be a part of it”.


Radio City, Bangalore has taken an initiative similar to reality comedy shows on TV. City’s ‘Total Bangalorean’ FM station will host an all new 13-day show called ‘Nage Habba’.

Famous Sandalwood Commedian stars such as Komal, Jaggesh, S Narayan, Sharan, Mohan, Doddanna and Tennis Krishna will be present in the show sharing crack-up experiences about their film shoots, playing funny kannada film dialogues, acting out comedy scenes on air, and playing contests giving listeners a total ‘jhakaas’ time. –source.

Do you think there is scope for more of such unique initiatives over Radio? Can you present some of your funny ideas :)?

  1. VJ says

    I have been a hardcore patronizer of radio form the moment private channels started taking off.It would be nice if radios can be instill some startup stuff in their content :) get some experienced startup people on air and give them 30 secs to define the steps for their success.Spin interesting stories.[ read rags to rich :)]
    Similarly,upcoming startups can be given a chance to feature for a minute as well.It shouldn’t be like an should be a story.!
    This can considerable improve the adaptiveness of people to new technologies and solutions.

  2. Nikhil Bhagia says

    undoubtedly, there is a lot of scope in this field!!! my personal fav. is when i once heard some RJ dial a no. of a local corporator pondering him regarding the unavailability of proper roads. Haven’t heard of many sch initiatives though!!!

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