Mobile + Netbook = Nokia Booklet 3G is here !


WOW…This is just wow !

Nokia has revealed the specs for their much awaited Mobile + Netbook Combo called the Nokia Booklet 3G – source

 Nokia Booklet

These are the signs to come – just other day I was talking to my friend about a device that would do everything for you, from making phone calls to browsing Internet to watching video to giving presentations. This Nokia Booklet 3g is probably the closest to this all-in-one gadget !

Nokia Booklet 3g

Here are some of the highlights of Nokia Booklet 3g :

  • Intel ATOM processor
  • 10.1” inch Screen
  • Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • 3G and Wi-Fi connections
  • Nokia Ovi suite of services
  • 12 hours of battery life (wow)
  • in-built HDMI support
  • in-built GPS receiver
  • Aluminium Chassis
  • hot-swappable SIM card slot

The Nokia Booklet 3G sure does pack a punch !

Nokia was expected to launch this kind of device sooner than later, as it was under pressure due as it was loosing the market share in mobile space to its competitors – LG & Samsung.

According to Gartner, worldwide mobile phone sales fell 6.1 per cent in the second quarter of this year compared to the same period in 2008 – although smartphone sales were up 27 per cent. Nokia’s market share fell from 39.5 per cent to 36.8 per cent, as Samsung and LG gained share. (source)

Additionally, Dell, has recently revealed its plans to enter the smartphone market. Nokia is the leader in the smartphone market but even there it is facing stiff competition from RIM’s BlackBerry and the Apple iPhone.

The price point of this device will be released within a weeks time, but I really hope this device costs sub 25000 rupees, which will make it really attractive to masses.

I am really excited about this device, and I am sure our readers will be as well !

  1. Nokia Booklet 3G says

    Booklet 3G sounds almost too good to be true, but it will only be a success if the pricing is good. Nokia phones are quite expensive but as they are smaller they should be more expensive, right? If its priced 400-600 usd, it will be a top seller!

  2. Aayush Puri says

    I am particularly impressed on the kind of features that Nokia has included in this device…to make it well connected as well as multimedia friendly. And also going with Windows, which will sure give them better sales and market penetration if not that much “rocks” kind of reviews.

  3. Sriram Vadlamani says

    Nokia cannot price it higher than 25K because India is a price sensitive market. Being the leader in the mobile space Nokia knows this.

    Nokia is not trying to ring the cash register with this offering. It is trying to increase brand recall and awareness. It has acknowledged that PC business is a low-margin business. Yet it tried to enter it. Why?

    When other brands like Acer, Dell and most recently Onida are entering the mobile market Nokia is trying to enter the PC market. Why?

    Only time will tell but, there is a convergence on the horizon and the world might settle with high configuration phone or a low-configuration laptop. Or somewhere in between.

    Nokia is just skimming it see where it all fits. To me the Booklet 3G is an experimental product from Nokia. Or it is Nokia’s skimming strategy.

  4. Sharad Harjai says

    The all in one gadget !!

    True, it is all-in-one!!. But I am still wondering why would someone buy Nokia netbook, even if it costs 25K? There are number of options available in the market with much heavy configuration in the same range. Moreover, when everyone is carrying a mobile phone, why do we need multiple SIM slots in laptop? If the motive of this launch is to provide a portable phone suit… isnt 10″ screen too much for this?
    Yes, 12 hour battery backup is great!!

    Well, I dont know whether this will be a hit or a miss.. But if it is a hit, I definitely would like to know the reason.

  5. rohit says

    Well, I doubt it will be prices at around INR 25K, as Nokia smart phones are more than 25K, so how can smartphone (3g) with Netbook features be priced around 25K. I’m betting on price of around INR 30K+.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      One of the reasons why Smartphones are expensive are because of their size…fitting all the features within the one tiny device is expensive. Whereas this Booklet is a normal netbook, with additional mobility (aka mobile phone)..

      Actually, these are all the guesses, I am not sure what it will be priced or how the markets will react to it…

      It would be interesting to watch how successful it gets though..

  6. kamal says

    Well Let C.. Hope for the best :)

    3G phones are of little use until all my friends hav them.. So I will wait till then!
    By then they will far more cheaper as well

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