Is iPad killing Netbook Sales ? Yes, it sure is..


iPad has been a sensation to say the least – Even with sub-par features, iPad sales have surprised everyone. Back in 2007, the original iPhone took 73 days to cross the million mark. The iPad managed the same feat in just 28 days, about 2½ times as fast as the first iPhone did.

Now, with these kind of numbers, it is sure that portable pc market is seeing lot of churn. Infact, according to a recent study carried out by retrovo shows that  future buyers are overwhelmingly tilted towards buying iPad, instead of Netbook.

The Retrevo survey asked consumers whether they are planning on buying an iPad or a netbook: 78 percent said they would be choosing an iPad, while only 22 percent would choose a netbook.


I’ll give personal example of a friend who had put off buying a Netbook just for iPad launch. However, after iPad launched, he has again decided to wait for next generation iPad which hopefully will have features like USB, SD Card extension & Multi-tasking. Such is the craving for this Apple gadget is people are willing to wait for months to get their hands on it, instead of going for a decent netbook.



Not only are buyers keen on buying iPad in future, even currently, iPad sales have made quite a dent in Netbook sales. According to the Retrovo, iPad has grabbed 30% of those netbook buyers who held off purchasing a netbook and eventually decided on an iPad.


However, it is interesting to note that although, iPad has made dent in Netbook market share, it has not made much of a difference to Laptop market. Survey shows that Regular laptops are still popular with consumers, especially the cheap lower-end models. 65 percent said they would go for a laptop instead of a netbook when faced with the choice this year.

So, how about you – What do you prefer? iPad, Netbook or Laptop? I go for laptop :)

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  2. Madhav Shivpuri says

    I surely chose the iPad over a netbook, and a kindle. So I have certain functions planned for it, including previewing my website to people at networking events! So I will be showing them on a sexy device that can do many cool things! I can also use the iPad as an ereader on the train, and use it as a digital photoframe at home… some of the odd jobs I am going to subject my ipad to!

    (Now biting my nails waiting for the courier guy to deliver my baby home from istore.)

  3. Matt Jurek says

    I honestly do not think that the iPad and Netbook are in the same market. iPad has its niche and so does the Netbook.

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