BWA India Auction Update – Day 3: Pan-India License reaches 4185.77 crore!


Its just the end of day 3 and BWA Auction is just flying. The Pan-India license bid has a reached 4185.77 crore as compared to to the base price of Rs. 1750 crore. This is a whooping 139% over and above what exchequer had targeted.

While Day 2 of BWA auction saw a rise of 844.76 crore in Pan-India licensing, Day3 was even better with rise of over 987 crores. Total of 6 rounds were completed today (with 16 in all.)

Exchequer is already set to gain 8371.54 crore rupees from private telecom operators for 2 slots of BWA spectrum that are on Sale. In addition, BSNL & MTNL who have been allotted a spectrum each in their circle will pay an equivalent bid amount to the Government.


Day 3 saw 6 circles bid at top with amount of 452.96 crores, 120 over and above yesterday’s price. While 7 of them were bidding at top yesterday, Gujarat came in lower today with 444.70 crore bid.

Highlights of BWA India Auction Day 3

    • 6 circles (Delhi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu) saw equal highest bid price of 452.96 crores.
    • Delhi has maximum demand with 9 bids with 7 in excess. Mumbai saw demand of 8 bids with 6 in excess.
    • Among the state circles, Karnataka saw maximum with 7 bids, followed by Andra Pradesh (6), Maharashtra (5) and Tamil Nadu (4)
    • 7 states (Haryana, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Himachal, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, North-East and J&K saw no change in their bid prices with negative excess demand.

Any guesses on what the final price would be that exchequer will earn from BWA Auction ?

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