How to write a Business Plan ?


If you are a startup or thinking of starting up (yes, even in this recession), there is no better place to start than watching this video by John Edmonds. What a gem !

Most of the entrepreneurs think that business plan is required, only if looking out for funding. Yes, a good business plan does help in secure funding, but more so it helps you granularize your thoughts and get clarity in execution of idea – probably the most important ingredient for a startup to become successful.

This video is long, one hour and twenty four minutes to be precise, but it will be worth every minute of it. If you do not have time right now, bookmark it and watch it later, but do make it a point to see this !

You see the first 5-10 minutes and I am sure you will see it till the end.


Let me know what changed for you after watching this video !

  1. Nilesh Bafna says

    This video seems to be private. How can I view this video? Is there some invitation required? Can you send me an invitation

  2. Thomas Richards says

    I was just thinking about How to write a Business Plan and you’ve really helped out. Thanks!

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