These 5 Indian Startups Are Setting New Benchmarks In User Experience: Find Out How?

These 5 Indian Startups Are Setting New Benchmarks In User Experience: Find Out How?
These 5 Indian Startups Are Setting New Benchmarks In User Experience: Find Out How?

Startup’s ecosystem has matured from being an evolving community. Every now & then a startup Is born to serve a unique purpose to the users.

Here today we will talk about the five unique startups that have been evolved during the pandemic & is giving a great user experience & solving the economy problem as well.



DrinkPrime, the personalised water purifier on subscription, has been designed to suit the lifestyle of the current and future generations. The water purifier that is in sync with the mobile app makes it easy for the tech-savvy population to keep a track of their water consumption and the water purifier health. A subscriber’s DrinkPrime is in sync with their mobile app. They can monitor their water purifier health, water consumption, and recharge DrinkPrime using the app.


bitsCrunch, a Blockchain Analytics company operating from Germany & India, is becoming the Ecosystem Guardians of the NFT ecosystem. bitsCrunch focuses on building products using Artificial Intelligence (AI) that prevents scammers from exploiting the NFT marketplaces or the NFT projects.

bitsCrunch’s products can help bring trust back amongst people who are still pondering upon getting into the NFT space. It also brings clarity to the investors as they could see what’s the amount of washtrades, copycats are going around in the Ecosystem

AI Logistix

An intelligent logistics company with an aim to identify and resolve day-to-day logistics and supply chain issues. AI Logistix solves issues using intelligent systems. It vision is to have presence in every district of India by 2024 by becoming the most preferred last-mile-delivery partner for digital India. AI Logistix aims to ‘Deliver Delight to the Deserted Rural’, by solving the logistics needs of the highly neglected rural segment of India.


Product made with love and passion to solve the real pain points of the HR world. Keka is a simple and intuitive HR software unlike the traditional HR systems. It all began with the frustration of using software that sucks. Prior to starting Keka, our core team was a 100-person business that needed an easy-to-use software for managing employees. We looked everywhere and all we found were software that was lousy and hard to use. We felt SME businesses in India deserved something better. Something awesome actually! Thus emerged Keka


Founded in 2015, Branch is a one of the world’s leading personal finance apps which uses Machine Learning to customize and provide loans up to 50k INR to the mobile generation. Branch is the only platform that provides credit to borrowers without collateral or credit score of a user and deposits money directly into their account within 2 hours. It fills the market gap where potential borrowers(usually under 30) without enough credit history cannot get a loan from any traditional bank or new-age apps.

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