Domain jacking at its best… forwards to Vodafone !!!


Have you ever tried going to domain name. If you have not…try it now – The name is forwarded to vodafone website. Yes, it may be a spanish Vodafone website, it still is the competitor’s website !

Airtel Domain forward to vodafone

Nice domain-jacking I must say..

But can’t Airtel lay claim on the domain, I think not. if you see the snapshot above, the domain was registered way back in 1998, probably when airtel was not in existence.

Airtel must be loosing huge amount of traffic due to this domain forwarding. However, Vodafone has not taken undue advantage of owning this domain or they would have forwarded it to Vodafone Indian website – that sure would have been something :)

Now I am not sure how many of you already know about this, but I found our just very recently…

  1. ROHIT JAIN says is now opening the Airtel’s Global Website.

  2. Rohan says

    The official website of Bharti’s Airtel is

    The website is that of some singapore(or other foreign country) telecom provider who was acquired by Vodafone. Hence the redirect.

    This is not domain jacking.

  3. Vinny says

    well initially i was surprised too but apparently airtel is a comapny in Spain which is owned by the same group which runs Vodafone in spain hence it redirects to their Spanish portal.


  4. Arun Prabhudesai says

    Hey Vispy and Jolsna…surprising as it may sound, I did miss all the buzz around it that has been happening over this for quite some time now – so much for following the India Business Buzz :)

    Vispy, thanks for the explaination – that throws some light on domain name saga…

  5. Vipsy says

    This has been posted many times by many bloggers in past… may be u just missed it.

    What I know is, before Hutch buy, Vodafone was investor (around 10%) in Airtel. During that time, vodafone aquired the domain name and forwarded it to vodafone. After Hutch buy vodafone was required by law to sell its stock in Airtel as an operator now it can not have stake in competitor. With that, it came to own a competitor’s domain. Seems it is not kind enough to transfer it to Airtel.

    This is as per my belief… I am not 100% sure though.

  6. Jolsna says was owned by Airtel Spain, Airtel spain was later acquired by Vodafone
    Bharti Airtel’s website is

  7. Himanshu Sheth says

    I also checked this site long time back :) In fact, that is the problem of not tying .com but pressing CTRL+ENTER

    In fact, I have met guys who take up good domain names and sell it off at twice or thrice its is some dutch company I had twitted about this 4 months back

    But yes, .com makes a big difference.

    -Himanshu Sheth

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