Do you know the Number One Brand in India?


The number one Indian brand award goes to


According to the survey results published in Business Standard last month, Indian consumers have ranked Amul as the number 1 brand of the country.

I am not really surprised with these findings, they fully deserve the accolades. Can you forget the hilarious hoardings spewed across the city that give you a hearty laugh everytime you see them.

The research was conducted in nine markets including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and India. Survey covered 12 major products and service categories. The research agency interviewed people aged between 15 to 64 years.

“Co-operation amongst co-operatives to serve the interests of the milk producers and providing quality products to consumers has been the back bone in Amul’s growth. This brings a lot of passion and energy in the system which has now been recognized by the consumers through this survey,” said, BM Vyas, Managing Director, Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation(GCMMF).

10x20 Common
Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s new look… perfect six pack abs… new hair do… 

Do you know that Amul has the longest running Ad campaign in the world! Infact, Amul has laid claim to the Guinness Book of World Records for the record breaking, longest running- 39 years – Advertisement campaign.

10x20 Common
Box-office debacle of Ram Gopal Verma’s Bollywood movie “AAG” – Arrival of evil, a remake of yesteryear classic favourite entertainer Sholay

What is even more surprising is that the utterly butterly delicious girl has never lost here fan following once in those long 30 years. Infact, the sometimes controversial hoardings are discussed and written about wildly in the Media.

Infact, in one of the incidences, Amul put up an ad on Husain saying ‘Heroine Addiction’ for which they were taken to court. you can read some of the instances here

Amul Advertisement World Cup Winn 
Team India celebrate after winning the inaugural ICC WORLD TWENTY 20, SOUTH AFRICA 2007
cricket World Cup in Johannesburg

The Ad agency behind this 39 year old ad campaign is DaCunha Communications. Bharat Dhabolkar, a well know Indian personality is well known for his creative contributions to Amul Ads. 

Read the full story behind Amul’s 39-year old ad campaign here.

  1. rahul says

    amul has all the qualities to become the no.1 brand of
    largest consuming country.
    thanks u.

  2. partha kayal says

    i like this website.

  3. Saravan says

    Thanks a lot for the link..

  4. trakin says

    @Mesmerized, Thanks for the link. I picked up those Amul ads from their site. Its amazing to see the ads that came out 15-20 years back, absolutely nostalgic. It is amazing how they have carried this out consistently for 40 years…
    @AmreekanDesi…I think those short 3-4 word rhymes are the heart of these ads :)
    @Ashwin…Here is the utterly butterly delicious cute girl for you…..

  5. Ashwin says

    Indeed a good branding and well deserved. However, I see these days the little girl is nowhere in the picture. If we recollect, it all started with the girl calling out “Utterly Butterly Delicious… Amul” in the ads all over which actually stays the brand mascot. Best part is Amul’s branding has done well more on Print media than on TV.
    Another good brand that I personally like is “Fevicol” It has been one of the most innovative brand.

  6. AmreekanDesi says

    The ingenuity behind the amul ads is amazing!
    “Anhoni ko dhoni kar de!” Brilliant.

  7. Mahendra says

    Thanks for the link…nice post too!

  8. Mesmerized says

    I have always loved Amul’s ad

    The reason i love them is because they are so in context with the current happening’s are – that I cant not read them. The best part is they keep changing and they even more humorous every time. Here are the ads from 1967 to 2007 –
    I really liked the spin they did around Ganguly and his whole fiasco with the Indian Cricket Team.

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