Indian IPTV launch : A paradigm shift in viewing Television


Everyone knows the boom taking place in Indian Entertainment Industry at present. With DTH and other set-top box programming coming into picture the scene is on the verge of great change.

But the recent announcement by BSNL will be a paradigm shift in the way we view our television programming . They have announced the first IPTV broadcast in the country in Bangalore, Karnataka starting as early as August 15th 2007.

Obviously, there are major questions over , and the quality of broadcast. But, I think with this announcement we are truly entering into a digital age in Television broadcasting.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.

IPTV broadcasting is not new in the western countries. However, the adoption has been quite slow and currently close to negligible. We will have to wait and see how IPTV fares in India.

About 150 television channels, movies, education from kindergarten, primary and high school students of higher levels, and much more will be available on internet protocol television. Digital quality is another benefit. Service charges are Rs 150 per month plus usage charges, thus giving cable operators a run for their money. A one-time investment includes a set-top box worth Rs 3,950 and installation charges of Rs 889.
Said Chief GM Karnataka Telecom T S Kuppuswamy, who launched the service, demonstrated the choices on offer by picking a movie from its respective section. Viewers can choose from a choice of English, Hindi and other vernacular films for a price ranging from Rs 10 to up to Rs 150.
Users of this service can watch their favorite programs at the time of their choice, however, this option is not available now. The project has been supported by CSIR under the triple play broadband technology which is on par with what is available worldwide. The franchisee for broadband here is India Online.

Interesting times ahead !


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