Indians will get to taste Budweiser Beer – Desi Style !


Anheuser-Busch, worlds largest brewer and makers of Budweiser, one of the most popular brand of Beer in US has announced that Indians will taste the Indian Brewed Budweiser starting this Friday.

Like innumerable other multinationals knocking on the doors of booming Indian middle class consumer, Budweiser too has joined the bandwagon. Even though, India is one of the largest consumers of hard liquors in the world, it is one of the lowest in terms of beer guzzling.

India’s beer industry posted 20 percent annual growth for the past two years, up from 10 percent per year over the past decade. The growth has been fueled by huge population of young people. Roughly 60 percent of the nation’s 1.2 billion are people under the age of 30.

Budweiser India LaunchComparatvely to western countries, Budweiser sees that it has less competition that what it is in Western countries. In US and UK, they have atleast 10 to 15 major players in Beer Market. However, in India the only tough competition is the Dynamic Vijay Mallya’s UB group. With UB recently announcing its $1.5 billion takeover of European Scotch maker, and its Kingfisher brand of beer holding 45% of market share in India, Bud has got one very strong contender along with London-based SABMiller with some 35 percent.

I am not a big fan of Budweiser now, however, in early days there was only one American beer I knew and that was Budweiser !

Please drink responsibly !

  1. Rohitk Chowdhari says

    cheers! for bud…..

  2. Snedden says

    I feel vijay mallya has an monopoly on the beer market here in India because for some reason the cost of kingfisher is 20% less then most other beers like Budweiser,I personally fell people would opt for Budweiser instead of kingfisher of the price difference is not so large..also Indians like strong beers(high alcohol content) but budweiser is a pleasant change

  3. nageshwar says

    budweiser is my favourite beer>>>i feel comfortable by taking budweiser>>it’s tasty and smooth>>>>and smell wise it is better than other beeers>>>>>

  4. Amitabh says

    Budweiser is the King of Beers!!

    Bud definitely tastes much better than anything else available in the shops and bars!

  5. raj says

    Juicy dead Fly tasted in the last sip of Budweiser Beer (bottle) made in Hyderabad.

  6. Nishant says

    AS another desi grad student studying here, bud tastes like piss! there are far more better German beers like Warsteiner and Mexican Corona but even one of my american profs detests Bud, yeah hes 100% american with no immigrant adulteration. but more than that my own personal taste loves Kingfisher, one of the reasons why Bud may not succeed and Kingfisher continue to lead is written in this article itself. Indians like to consume hard liqour, they like to have more alocohol and robust taste, American beers are meant for a more regular and large scale consumtion and therefore have less alcohol and consequently lesser calories. This low alcohol and low cal concept is unlikely to succeed in the Indian context!

  7. desi says

    being an intl student in d us……….n hain tasted most of the beers outta here;)…….feel that miller high life is a lot better than bud when it comes to the regular beers……….ca local gordon biersch rules though……all said and done hoegarden(ale) is my favourite

  8. Ketan K says

    Bud is the best ever

  9. YeahDude says

    Budweiser…. ahhhhh x)

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