Youtube Is Triggering Massive Change In Online Buying Habits Of Indians: 80% Of Ad Viewers On Youtube Take An Action!

Youtube Is Triggering Massive Change In Online Buying Habits Of Indians
Youtube Is Triggering Massive Change In Online Buying Habits Of Indians

Gone are the days when we had to buy something and visit every shop in your vicinity to get that perfect product which will fulfill all our demands. Now with growth in internet and digital industry, the trailer of everything is just one click away.

Remember earlier when we had to buy a phone, it was totally dependent on the shopkeeper whatever he marketed or felt good for us was the one we use to select because of the emphasis and because of the lack of knowledge about the product and time constraint was another issue to deal with.


Internet Is A Necessity

Nowadays we can not imagine our life without the internet. It won’t be hypothetical if I say that some households work on the internet only. Don’t believe me, ok try this –

Do you want a housemaid? – go to

need a home – go to

Want to buy some grocery – go to

Need vegetables, bread, eggs –   go to

Want to groom yourself – go to

Hungry for delicious food – go to or

Want to clean your room – go to and many more.

Now with the availability of all these resources,  consumer’s can make good use of them in making their daily life much easier and comfortable too.

How Videos Are Stealing The Limelight?

Some people like to read but everyone likes to watch videos as it gives information in pictorial form and through digitization, it can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

According to studies, India has more than 1,200 youtube channels having more than 1 million subscribers. But a very huge portion of the population watches these videos anyways without making any subscriptions.

With the popularity of Smartphones, it’s estimated that an average user spends more than 36 minutes daily watching entertainment videos on their smartphones. And these videos are used by everyone in the society from a little toddler to elderly people, everyone likes to watch videos. They are making good use it in learning new skills, helps in making decisions and many more.

Empowering Consumers Through Online Videos

Online video has been used as a tool for building brand awareness from decades. But with the way people are using them in every stage of their life, It is impacting much more than it was initially expected.   

Nowadays a trend has emerged in which before buying anything we go for thorough market research and analysis with all the data available through different websites and review videos available online.

For example, buying a Smartphone or a new car, we can get all the specifications, reviews from real-life users and also know about how they are using it and what significant changes they could make with use these resources are just a click away from us.

Earlier when these online facilities were just in the launching phase, people were reluctant to use them as a natural instinct. There is always a hesitation in consumer behavior. It is human instinct to resist any changes in daily routine.

But as more people started using them and shared their insights and experiences by either writing reviews or making videos. Now it has gained so much of popularity that we ask Google before doing anything just to be on the safer side. 

The Innovative Things People Are Doing By Watching Online Videos

  1. In Learning New Skills and pursuing a passion, hobbies like cooking, dancing, learning different languages and many more.
  2. Consumers are open to brands and products that help them reach their goals. The study shows that more than 60% of viewers of online video think highly of the brand that provides online content for them to learn about their product and services. More than 90% of the people said that they discover new brands on Youtube. 
  3. It is helping in making the decision for buying stuff like smartphones, cars, etc. Study shows that 80% of the consumers buy after watching an advertisement on Youtube. Around 87% completed a follow-up action, 52% visited a dealer website, 48% located a dealer, 45% scheduled test drive, 40% requested a price quote and 27% researched financing or lease offers after watching a video.
  4. People are using these online videos for doing thorough research about products they wish to buy. As per the reports, 43% buyers watch vehicle walkthrough videos before making the purchase and more than 55% of global shoppers say that they use online video while actually shopping in-store to get more information about the product.

According to studies, a normal consumer goes through a three-stage journey while making a decision to buy a product or service. No matter where they are in their journey, they are looking for brands to meet them with helpful and inspiring video content.

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