Xiaomi Watch S2 Internal Testing Underway: When Will It Launch In India?

Xiaomi was supposed to launch the new Watch S2 in China on 1st December along with other releases such as the flagship Xiaomi 13 series and Buds 4.

However, this has been postponed, perhaps in honor of former Chinese president Jiang Zemin who has passed away.

Xiaomi Watch S2 Internal Testing Underway: When Will It Launch In India?


Xiaomi Buds 4

Teaser images show that the Xiaomi Buds 4 TWS will have an open-ear design with a sizable stem.

The microphone cutouts on each earbud are visible.

It could also come with some form of passive noise cancellation rather than active noise cancellation.

The charging case appears to have a dual-tone design.

Watch S2

Tipster Mukul Sharma said the wearable will be available in two sizes— 42mm and 46mm which is a departure from its predecessor.

The 42mm version will be offered in Gold and Black color variants.

The larger 46mm version model will arrive in Black and Silver colors.

Although details are scarce, the device can be expected to have an AMOLED display, plenty of sports modes, advanced health-related features, and more.

New health feature

The latest iteration of the watch features an advanced health tracking feature, more specifically which can calculate a wearer’s body fat percentage.

The Watch S2 would be one of the few smartwatches to support the functionality.

Samsung released an equivalent last year with the Galaxy Watch4 series.

The measurement of body fat happens in the same manner as the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch5 series.

To use the feature the wearer has two fingers placed on its hardware buttons after which the smartwatch takes a reading.


It is said to be priced at around RMB 999 (around Rs 11,400), while the Xiaomi Buds 4 will cost RMB 600 (approx Rs 6,800).

91mobiles has exclusively learned about the prices, courtesy of industry insider Ishan Agarwal.


The wearable will eventually launch worldwide but there’s no date yet.

However, it may not be far away considering the watch is already undergoing internal testing in Asia and Europe.

The news was broke by Sharma who claimed that the internal testing has begun in various European and Asian regions.

There’s a possibility that it will launch very soon in India among other markets.

However one must keep in mind that despite the Watch S1’s debut last December in China, Xiaomi decided to wait until March before announcing the smartwatch in Europe.

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