This Startup Is Giving Rs 80 Lakh To Fired Employees From Facebook, Amazon, Twitter To Launch Startup!

Tech giants like Meta, Twitter and Amazon are in a free fall in terms of laying off employees. 

This Startup Is Giving Rs 80 Lakh To Fired Employees From Facebook, Amazon, Twitter To Launch Startup!


Helping out startups

Now, with a programme called ‘Funded Not Fired’, Day One Ventures will write $100,000 checks (over Rs 80 lakh) into 20 startup teams by the end of the year.

TechCrunch reports that top businesses from that group will then get follow-up capital from Day One Ventures commitment to lead their pre-seed round with a $1 million check.

So In total, the firm is allocating at least $5 million (and at most $10 million) from its $52.5 million fund to back founders spinning out of turbulent startups.

What it entails

Day One Ventures said on its website, 

““With ‘Funded, Not Fired’, you’ll get your first institutional angel check. 

Over the next month, we’re selecting 20 founders to invest in and support. 

Whether you have an idea already or not, let’s get to work… 

We are investing $100k into 20 companies using a standard YC-style SAFE of $2 million post-money cap, and pro-rate

We are going to invest in the top 0.01 per cent of laid-off tech talent”.

How it will work

The company said it has three steps — Submitting an application form by November 25 (at least one co-founder must have been recently laid from a tech company to apply).

Interview between November 28 and December 6 (top applicants will have two Zoom calls, each with one person from Day One Ventures’ team); and Final assessment (finalists will participate in a 10-20 minute Zoom call with Day One’s entire team between December 7 and December 16)..

Day One Ventures said that in six months, it will pick the top companies and lead their seed rounds with a $1 million check.


It goes on- 

“You’ll (startups) have weekly check-ins with our team. 

We’ll pair you with subject-matter experts and top entrepreneurs as advisors who will host office hours and help you hands-on to build your company. 

You’ll be introduced to the top VCs in the Valley and world to continue fundraising. 

For B2B startups, we’ll help you get in contact with customers from our portfolio and beyond. 

For B2C companies, our team will help you build viral product mechanics that will help your product grow.”

How Meta’s doing

On November 9, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook’s parent company Meta Platforms, confirmed the layoffs and said the company has decided to reduce the size of its team by about 13 per cent

To achieve that he let more than 11,000 employees go.

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