All TV Channels Ordered To Broadcast 30-Minutes Of ‘National Interest’ Content Across India

All television channels will henceforth be required to telecast 30 minutes of content in national interest every day. 

All TV Channels Ordered To Broadcast 30-Minutes Of 'National Interest' Content Across India

This mandatory move has been announced by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.

Read on to find out all the details about this new development!

TV Channels To Broadcast Content In National Interest For 30 Minutes

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has announced that all television networks will be required to air material in the public interest or national interest every day for 30 minutes. However, this new rule is not applicable to channels that broadcast sports and wildlife. They are also not applicable to foreign channels.

This was specified in its latest uplinking and downloading rules, and a circular regarding the same is soon to follow.

As per the guidelines, “Obligation of public service broadcasting — As airwaves/frequencies are public property and need to be used in the best interest of the society, a company/LLP having permission under these guidelines for uplinking a channel and its downlinking in India (other than foreign channels only downlinked in India) may undertake public service broadcasting for a minimum period of 30 minutes in a day on themes of national importance and of social relevance…”

Themes Of National Interest Specified In Guidelines

Themes of content in national interest have also been specified in the guidelines. These include education and spread of literacy, agriculture and rural development, health and family welfare, science and technology, the welfare of women, the welfare of the weaker sections of society, protection of the environment, and of cultural heritage and national integration.

The statement also stated that the channels may modulate their material suitably to satisfy the referenced responsibility, with the possible exception of cases where it may not be possible, such as with sports channels and others.

Additionally, it was specified that networks must abide by any general advisory issued by the central government from time to time about the broadcast of content of national interest.

The official stated that they are working on procedures when asked about the timing of telecasting the content in the national interest.

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