iPhone 14 Will Be 100% Made In India? Reports Suggest Apple Will Make iPhone In India

A news that has been doing rounds all over the internet and digital media is the announcement made by the revered US tech giant Apple Inc, which is manufacturing the newly-launch iPhone 14 in India.

iPhone 14 Will Be 100% Made In India? Reports Suggest Apple Will Make iPhone In India

In a positive feat for India and the tech manufacturing behemoth, Apple’s newest phone, the iPhone 14 will be made in India and will begin reaching the local markets for the customers in the country in the next few days.

In fact, the iPhones manufactured in India will be put out for sale in the Indian markets as well as be exported to foreign markets.

In this story, we will help you traverse deeper into the reason behind Apple announcing the manufacturing of the iPhone 14 in India and everything related to the development, in detail.

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Apple iPhone 14 to Be Manufactured in India

Earlier last week, Apple Inc made an announcement paramount to the Indian markets and users, which was that in a bid to shift away its production from the second largest economy China, the company will manufacture its latest iPhone 14 in India that was released earlier this month.

“The new iPhone 14 lineup introduces groundbreaking new technologies and important safety capabilities. We’re excited to be manufacturing iPhone 14 in India,” the company said in a statement.

The iconic iPhone brand has off late began shifting its manufacturing line from China to different countries like India.

According to a recent report by JP Morgan, trade tensions between US and China has in fact kicked off the production relocation cycle and initiated the search for a ‘China+1’ manufacturing approach for the Apple supply chain from late 2018.

The report on ‘Apple Supply Chain relocation’ by the global financial giant projects that the Cupertino, California-headquartered tech giant ‘is likely to move about 5% of iPhone 14 production to India from late 2022 and reach 25% by 2025’.

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