[Exclusive Interview] This Is The Only Indian Company To Design & Manufacture Keyboards, Mouse!

Recently, we interacted with Mr. Sridhar Thirunakara, Founder and Managing Director of Outshiny India-Arctic Fox, and asked him about the unique product-based startup, and how they are spreading the message of Make in India.

[Exclusive Interview] This Is The Only Indian Company To Design & Manufacture Keyboards, Mouse!

Here are the major highlights from the interview:

1. Take us through Outshiny India and the idea behind its inception. 

Founded in 2011 and based in Bangalore, Outshiny India is the design, develop & manufacturer of the best in class bags/luggage and consumer electronic products. Known widely by our inhouse brand Arctic Fox, the company also has recently expanded their footprints into the gaming  segment. Integrating quality designs and excellent finish, the company offers a versatile portfolio of high technology products ranging from Alarm Antitheft Backpacks to Gaming Mouse, Portable Speakers, Headphones to 3D printing. Arctic Fox has also recently launched a one of its kind e-kick scooter for adults called MOON in micro mobility space. 

2. How does Outshiny stand out from the rest, pls share the USP?

While the industry is habituated to importing most of the consumer products and electronics from other countries at low cost, very few companies like Outshiny have built their foundation in line with the Make in India initiative to be able to manufacture quality consumer products and electronics indigenously. Outshiny is the only company in India to design and manufacture keyboards and mouse. 

In addition to this, the wide range of products, durability, design, and pricing are the major USP for the brand. 

3. What are your product offerings, who are your competitors? 

Under Outshiny, we have two arms:

B2B- larger projects of bags, keyboards, mouse, etc for businesses.

D2C- Brand Arctic Fox which has the following products under its portfolio:

  • Bags- Backpacks, duffel bags, trolley bags, camera bags, sling bags, totes, jackets, and other accessories
  • Moon E-kick scooter
  • Gaming mouse

4. How has the Indian made consumer and tech products perceived in the country? What will lead to more acceptance of Indian made products?

There is a misconception that imported consumer-tech products are superior in terms of quality. This notion has been misleading most of the consumers to thus not consider Indian made products as a competition too. But with time, as we bring better products with the right specs and features to match the global brands, the industry will see more acceptance of tech products that are made in India. 

5. In line with the make in India initiative, pls describe your company’s contribution to the industry and how do you see the industry evolve in the next five years?

We have applied for the PLI scene by the GOI to be able to manufacture most of the technical parts in India. At Outshiny, our USP is the biggest contribution to the make in India initiative. This 75th Independence year, we aim to create a benchmark in the consumer tech industry in the next five years, to be able to place India on a global map, on par with the rest!

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