[Exclusive Interview] Find Out How This Green Logistics Startup Is Ensuring Eco-Friendly Deliveries

Recently we interacted with Mr. Aashirwad Deshmukkh, Founder, Howdyy, and asked him about the vision and mission of his startup, and how they are triggering ‘green logistics’ revolution.

Highlights from the interview:

[Exclusive Interview] Find Out How This Green Logistics Startup Is Ensuring Eco-Friendly Deliveries

1. Take us through Howdyy and the idea behind its inception. 

Howdyy is one of the fastest emerging green logistics (EV led logistics company) companies in India. Founded in 2020 by a dynamic couple Aashirwad Deshmukkh and Aisshwarya, the company was incorporated with the mission of building the future of the logistics industry that is connected and electric and with the vision to accelerate the adoption of sustainability in the mid-mile and last-mile deliveries. 

Aashirwad says “During the pre-covid time, My parent company had to send some parts from one place to another place, So we booked a logistics company which showed us so many loopholes and gaps from customer to delivery that gave us an idea to start a logistics firm which completes these gaps. After covid, logistic company boomed with revenue. So I started to research around and I found out that most of the companies are wasting huge amounts on fuel that damages the environment, and with lot more issues, I had to come up with an idea that fixes the gaps in the delivery part but also saves the environment and fuel cost so then we thought to start everything by using the sustainable method right from printed receipts to the delivery options

2. How does Howdyy stand out from the rest, pls share the USP?

Experiencing a major gap in the logistics industry, Aashirwad nurtured the idea of incepting Howdyy as a brand that would fill the void of becoming the best alternative to ICE vehicles in the last-mile delivery. The company is committed to the belief that society can progress further in coherence with nature by using technology that’s fueled by clean energy. It contributes to this revolution by offering eco-friendly deliveries to B2B companies. 

The major USP of the company is that they use sustainable practices like- only electric vehicles for deliveries and logistics, paperless process which makes it stand out from the rest.

3. What are your product offerings, who are your competitors? 

Howdyy offers last-mile and mid-mile delivery solutions that are sustainable in nature to its customers who are mostly B2B. Some of the clients are: Amazon, Big basket, Flipkart, 1mg, etc. 

Although there isn’t any direct competition at the moment in the Indian logistics industry, we believe two companies that are somewhere close to what we do: Zypp Electric and Mecelio.

4. How has the green logistics industry been perceived in the country? What will lead to more acceptance towards electrically-driven deliveries?

The pandemic has been a boom for the Indian logistics industry. Lots of smaller companies spiralled over the last two years in line with the Government’s Make in India initiative, along with the internet penetration to many more geographies has helped people get access to more and more products and services which is directly proportional to the growth of the logistics sector. 

Consumers are becoming more conscious about the nature of late. This combined with the man-made harm to the environment is making a lot of people choose sustainable practices for their lifestyle which also includes newer technologies and ways of doing business. Electric vehicles are the best alternative to other traditional logistics services and are here to take its place for a strong place in the near future. 

5. In line with the Startup India initiative, pls describe your company’s contribution to the industry and how do you see the industry evolve in the next five years?

Startup’s are the backbone of the future of the nation. The government has also been taking interest in terms of subsidies, tax redemptions, etc. We, as a company, aim at electrifying the logistics sector, one delivery at a time.

The next five years will witness rapid growth in the EV and logistics space that will help us in covering as many pin codes as possible along with creating thousands of jobs for the country. 

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