Employee Union NITES Files Complaint Against Wipro For Delaying On-Boarding Of 2000 Freshers

IT employee union Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES) has submitted a letter to the Ministry of Labour and Employment requesting immediate action against Wipro for the delay in the onboarding of more than 2000 students.

Employee Union NITES Files Complaint Against Wipro For Delaying On-Boarding Of 2000 Freshers

The company had claimed that it had removed 300 existing employees on the grounds of moonlighting and breach of ethics.


What is the issue?

However, it itself hasn’t been very ethical considering that it hasn’t compensated around 2000 students and employees for their labour and resources.

It has also delayed the joining process of more than 2000 campus-hired students.

What the letter says

In the letter, Harpreet Singh Saluja, President, NITES wrote:

”Recently we received information from a group of students who were given offer letter by Wipro between September 2021 and January 2022. 

These students and employees applied for a job in Wipro around September 2021. 

They went through assessment & interviews between September and October 2021. 

After a month in November 2021, they received selection emails & offer letters with a package of 3,50,000 per year in January 2022.”

He added that Wipro told employees in February that they will either have to pay Rs 30,000-40,000 for training or undergo an unpaid internship and a training program called Velocity for 3 months.

The unpaid internship started around March-April and ended around July.

The joining of these employees was supposed to be completed in August but the company kept postponing the joining or onboarding date.

Inconsistent actions

It should also be noted that Wipro promised to upgrade the salary of these students to Rs 6,50,000 per year on the condition that they pass the training program with 60% & above marks.

However, some students haven’t received upgraded offer letters and those who have received them say their joining date is being postponed every month.

They are receiving this treatment despite clearing the assessments, interviews, internship, training and background verification.

No compensation for wasted time

It appears now that the company has started sending rejection emails to these students stating that they were not compliant with the company’s assessment guidelines.

It hasn’t compensated these people for their time and efforts over the past year.

The letter further requests prompt intervention and support to safeguard welfare, rights and families of more than 2000 students and employees.

“We hope that the welfare of employees and their family members would be considered and given priority while taking decisions on our request”, it requested.

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