Apple Employees Revolt Against 3-Day Work From Office Rule Imposed by Management!

Earlier we have reported about the decision of Apple Inc. to call its employees to the office at least three days a week.

Apple Employees Revolt Against 3-Day Work From Office Rule Imposed by Management!

This decision seems to have triggered protests where some sections of Apple employees have started a petition in demand of a more flexible working environment, as per the report.

Apple Employees Launched Petition

The said petitioner group, Apple Together, claims to be a global solidarity union of Apple workers. 

Further adding that, being vexed by Apple’s decision of mandating a general return to office starting the week of Sept 5 they have launched the petition. 

The petition has about 850 signatories by the time of publication.

So far, it is unclear how many of them are actual Apple employees, as the petition page does not apply any such checks.

Leadership Ignorant Of Unique Demands

The petition also noted that the Apple leadership is ignorant of the unique demands of each job role and the diversity of individuals. 

The petition stated, “Those asking for more flexible arrangements have many compelling reasons and circumstances: from disabilities (visible or not); family care; safety, health, and environmental concerns; financial considerations; to just plain being happier and more productive,”.

They are demanding the leadership to pull back the uniform mandate.

They are asking for the immediate managers to figure out the working arrangements they want for the employees working under them. 

The petition also mentioned that work from home (WFH) arrangements should not involve higher-level approvals or complex procedures. 

Further adding that WFH arrangements must not infringe their privacy by asking for private information.

According to the petitioners, office-bound work is a technology from the last century. 

Considering the advancement in technology, the future is about connecting when it makes sense, with people who have relevant input, no matter where they are based, they argued. 

The petition said, “For the past 2+ years, Apple’s formerly office-based employees have performed exceptional work, flexibly, both outside and inside traditional office environments,”.

The Cupertino-based tech giant’s quarterly results indicate the company performing effectively as per the last month’s data. 

However, the profits had fallen down by 11% because of high inflation and other economic pressures.

Still, the company is better placed than its tech counterparts as the sales of the iPhone have grown in the last month.

Before this announcement, Apple workers had been working from home since 2020, when the COVID-19 first began to spread. 

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