[Exclusive Interview] This SaaS Startup Is Re-Imagining HR Solutions With Innovation & Logic; Already 550 Clients On-Boarded!

[Exclusive Interview] This SaaS Startup Is Re-Imagining HR Solutions With Innovation & Logic; Already 550 Clients On-Boarded!
[Exclusive Interview] This SaaS Startup Is Re-Imagining HR Solutions With Innovation & Logic; Already 550 Clients On-Boarded!

Recently we interacted with Mr. Chayan Mukhopadhyay, Co-founder and CEO of Qandle, and asked him about the innovations and disruptions which his startup is unleashing in the SaaS eco-system.

Here are the highlights from the interview..

What’s unique about your brand as a Saas company and what are the products/services you provide? Highlight some of the key areas your brand seeks to expand in the future? 

Mr. Chayan Mukhopadhyay, Co-founder and CEO of Qandle
Mr. Chayan Mukhopadhyay, Co-founder and CEO of Qandle

There is no denying that companies in all sectors and industries require HR solutions to manage their employees. I (Chayan Mukhopadhyay) and my Co-founder Himanshu Agarwal shared a vision to create an all-in-one HR solution which does not require any training programmes. We are truly industry and size agnostic since our solution at Qandle are extremely customisable and intuitive for white, grey, and blue collar workforce. It is a completely horizontal solution designed to meet the needs of all industries and performs better results than what other competitors in the market has to offer. Our mission is to continue build connected, empowered and engaged workplaces. 

What made you strike this business idea? And how did you manage to come up with the idea to be a startup in this growing industry? 

I had previously experienced the agony of broken, fragmented, clumsy software solutions at previous workplaces, where HRs would implement a new solution every second quarter, seeking a better experience and then being disheartened with the outcome. However, when I first started my own business, Perxx, I focused on employee benefits. When I conversed with HRs about it, they shared how they are searching for an HR technology solution that will serve all of their employees work purposes, but the solutions that were available then only addressed some of issues. I immediately identified with their predicament since I had witnessed the same in my previous organisations. I discussed this with Himanshu, who also had encountered similar dissatisfaction in previous organisations. To resolve this, we both decided to launch Qandle 

How does your brand work and what are the key features and problems that your brand tends to solve? What are your USP and innovation that makes you stand out from the crowd?

We founded Qandle in 2016 to replace HR market’s complicated and badly designed solutions. The idea was to re-engineer solution which serves the entire gamut of the HR lifecycle of employees and is configurable and easy to use. Therefore, based on a strong technology backbone, our brand came up with HR solutions that covers an employee’s journey right from hiring to retirement. The vast array of offerings includes solutions for recruitment, employee onboarding, payroll and related compliances, attendance and time offs, employee engagement, OKRs etc. The USP of our brand is that our solution provides a seamless experience and presents an intuitive interface which would not require any special training to be used. As a result, the challenge of maintaining SAAS platforms to manage the organization’s most valuable asset – employees – is eliminated.

What is Qandle’s roadmap in the coming years?

We currently have over 550 clients and plan to double that number. On the product front, we hope to continue assisting our clients in making their job easier when it comes to managing their human resources. Our product roadmap is determined by the needs of our customers. We collaborate closely with our clients to determine our product roadmap, which is completely transparent to them.

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