Renault All Set To Launch 3rd Gen Duster In India; New 7-Seater SUV In Works!

Launch will likely take place in 2023-24.

Renault is working on the next-generation Duster, its massively popular midsize SUV which birthed its own segment.

Over the years Renault’s position in the market has slipped due to competition, but it may return to the top if its upcoming launches are received well.


More Than A Makeover

It won’t be a mere facelift for the Duster.

The all-new 2023-’24 Duster is said to have cutting edge styling, a high price-to-feature ratio and plenty of new-age tech to heat up competition.

The original Duster was based on the B-Zero platform but the new one will be built on a fresh platform which is a total departure from the previous.

Brand New Platform

The CMF-B platform, the lower spec version CMF-B LS (lower spec) to be specific, is more affordable and tailor-made for developing markets.

It conforms to global safety and emission norms, and is likely to come with hybrid powertrains, helping make Duster as efficient as a diesel model.

The carmaker said that the new Duster will stick to its affordable but capable legacy.

Will It Be A 4×4?

Some features it will retain include the big flared wheel arches, squared off fenders, an integrated headlight and grille and the off roader like stance.

It remains to be seen whether it will be a 4X4 like the earlier-gen Dusters sold in India.

The cost benefit has to be assessed since the 4X4s sold in India was only a small amount, however it is an essential element of the car’s DNA.

Launch will likely take place in 2023-24.


In India, it will likely be offered with a turbocharged petrol engine with a mild hybrid system.

A plug-in hybrid model could also be launched here. 

An all-electric version may be developed for select markets.

The upcoming five-seater SUV could usher in vehicles from other global carmakers such as Renault’s alliance partner Nissan with whom it shares the CMF-B LS platform.

Other Brands In India?

There are two major implications here. 

One, the platform could allow for a hybrid powertrain in the new Duster.

Two, if the platform is approved for India, Nissan will also have to be involved in order to share costs and development responsibilities.

All this could lead to a whole host of cars from both brands, and possibly even Mitsubishi at a later stage.

New 7-Seater SUV

Renault’s low-cost brand, Dacia is reportedly working on a new Bigster SUV which will be a  7-seater.

It will measure around 4.60 meters in length and be positioned above the regular Duster SUV.

It likely won’t come to India since it is meant for select international markets. 

European markets could get the SUV with hybrid engines.

It will likely feature a conventional hybrid system and a plug-in hybrid (with all-wheel drive system).

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