5500+ Employees Of This Internet Firm Can Choose Permanent Work From Home!

5500+ Employees Of This Internet Firm Can Choose Permanent Work From Home!
5500+ Employees Of This Internet Firm Can Choose Permanent Work From Home!

Considering the improvement in COVID-19 situation, Twitter said that it will start reopening all its offices across the world from March 15.

Multiple Options For Employees

Although, the microblogging platform will allow its employees to have flexible work patterns, said Chief Executive Officer Parag Agrawal on March 4.

Twitter is giving options to its employees to choose either work from office every day or opt for some office and some work-from-home days or work from home permanently.

The Twitter CEO said, “Our top priority since the beginning of the pandemic has been to keep you all safe and this will continue,”.

Further adding, “But we’re now at a stage where you’re living your lives, adjusting to local health guidelines, and deciding what works best for you. So, the decisions about where you work, whether you feel safe traveling for business, and what events you attend, should be yours.”

Upcoming Challenges In Future

According to Parag Agrawal, employees should work wherever they feel the most productive and creative, and that includes their homes.

With this announcement, now Twitter employees can choose to divide their time between working from office and home.

Earlier, Twitter quickly adjusted to remote work with resilience and agility, when pandemic began in 2020.

“There will be lots of challenges in the coming months, and we’ll need to be proactive, intentional, learn, and adapt,” Agrawal said. 

 “Distributed working will be much, much harder. Anyone who has joined a meeting remotely while others are in a conference room knows this pain,” He added. 

Further assuring, “We’re in this together, and we each play a role in the open, inclusive, and productive culture we want to create,” Twitter CEO said.

The details about logistics, schedules and safety measures will be communicated to employees soon.

Agrawal said, “Our culture is electric and palpable. Office visits, team meetings, and events all bring that culture to life in such a powerful way, and I can’t wait to see it all happen.”

He had taken up the top position at Twitter in November 2021 when the company’s co-founder and the chief executive officer Jack Dorsey stepped down.

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