This Is How Millions Of IT Employees Will Return To Office: Infosys, TCS, Wipro, HCL, TechM

Infosys will initially motivate its employees to come to office for a day or two per week.

It seems things are returning to normal as daily Covid cases are on the decline and restrictions are being lifted across states.

India’s biggest IT companies are gearing up to welcome employees back to offices. 

Here’s how some of them are going about it.



The company is planning a return to offices in a phased manner.

It will initially motivate its employees to come to office for a day or two per week.

Executive Vice President, Head HR Richard Lobo said that they expect to have 40-50% of staff at the office on any given day.

96% of the workforce is currently working from home. 

Lobo said that it will first encourage its managers and leaders to attend office in person for a day or two per week.

It will also encourage team meetings and huddles as well as other office activities.

Tech Mahindra

Starting April, the company has asked employees to start coming to the office two days per week.

Currently about 18% of the workforce is working from the office.

They have been asked to work from the office at least two days a week from April 1.


HCL Technologies will continue with its hybrid work model for the time being.

It is currently still in the monitoring phase.

A company spokesperson said that one of the company’s top priorities is safety and well-being of its employees and their families.

At the same time it is committed to maintaining business normalcy and ensuring uninterrupted services to its clients.

Keeping both points in mind, it is “monitoring the situation” and will retain its hybrid model for now.


The software services firm had talked about a comprehensive remote working policy last month.

It expects people to work from home in their “depute” locations even as it expects remote working to continue.

It will follow its 25/25 model in which initially people will be brought back to offices.

After this, the company will gradually transition into the hybrid work model.

The model envisions only a fourth of the workforce reporting to the office premises.


It will start calling back its senior staff to the office for two days a week starting March 3.

Fully vaccinated employees who are managers and above will have the option to return to company campuses twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, starting from March 3.

Employees below the level will continue working from home for the time being.

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