Govt Allows Schools To Reopen; But Attendance Not Compulsory, Online Learning Allowed

Govt Allows Schools To Reopen; But Attendance Not Compulsory, Online Learning Allowed
Govt Allows Schools To Reopen; But Attendance Not Compulsory, Online Learning Allowed

The center has announced a new set of health and safety SOPs on Thursday which needs to be followed by state governments for welcoming students back to educational institutions. 

Reopening Of Schools

The central government has proposed the reopening of schools to states and Union territories with strict adherence to its updated guidelines on the coronavirus (Covid-19) disease. 

Further, the ministry has issued revised guidelines for health and safety protocols for reopening of the schools with social distancing in place.

The education ministry further added that group activities would have to be done following SOPs.

Although, states can decide whether schools are required to take consent of students’ parents for attending physical classes.

Use Physical Distancing Instead Of Social Distancing

The announcement comes when schools have completely opened in 11 states and partially opened for higher classes in 16 states.

It is noteworthy here that still schools remain closed in nine states. 

Interestingly, the central government has asked to use the term ‘physical distancing’ instead of ‘social distancing’.

They have asked schools to make specific markings to manage queues as part of the physical distancing. 

Apart from this, the schools are also directed to take necessary precautions for children with co-morbidities. 

Rules To Adhere With

Center said that the school drivers and conductors, who are  residing in containment zones, should not be allowed to board the vehicles.

Schools should have flexible, staggered & reduced timings for different classes.

Also, the Students willing to study from home with the consent of the parents may be allowed to do so.

While talking about the vaccination, the government said that 95% of teaching and non-teaching staff in schools have been vaccinated against Covid-19 so far. “Some states have achieved 100% vaccination coverage.”

According to the government, 34 states and union territories, including Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, are recording a decline in Covid-19 cases and positivity rate.

On the other hand, states like Kerala and Mizoram are still recording an increase in cases and positivity.

With these updates, it seems that the pandemic situation has improved and there is a contraction in the spread of the Covid infection. 

Moreover, in 268 districts, the positivity rate is below five per cent, as per the information provided by the government.

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