22,000 Infosys Employees Learning Digital Skills Daily Via App; 1.3 Lakh Students Certified

22,000 Infosys Employees Learning Digital Skills Daily Via App; 1.3 Lakh Students Certified
22,000 Infosys Employees Learning Digital Skills Daily Via App; 1.3 Lakh Students Certified

The lockdown period has led companies to explore their innovative sides and come up with different ideas to conduct work on online platforms, in this period.

Bringing in another such achievement from the Indian IT giant, Infosys Ltd hasn’t missed out on the opportunity just because the country has decided to stay in homes, to fight the deadly Covid-19 outbreak.

Instead, Infosys has used the lockdown to enhance its employees’ digital skills through virtual training. Let’s learn more about this.

Infosys Reliance on Digital Transformation

Due to this global crisis, there is an unprecedented surge on the reliance of online platforms and e-learning. Being one of the biggest IT names in the country, Infosys has realised this and coped up with the scenario well in time.

In this lockdown, the necessity to enable work-from-home arrangements for smooth performance of the system and employees sitting and working from homes, have indicated a clear attention towards the need for digital transformation for businesses. 

According to Krish Shankar, executive vice president & group human resource head at Infosys, this feat to necessarily conduct digital transformation for businesses, can be achieved by reskilling and upskilling employees so that they can be prepared to take up new engagements, without any assistance.

Infosys’ Virtual Employee Trainings

With this thought, the IT giant has seen an increase in the number of learners on its learning app Lex. This number has been recorded to be 22,000 per day from 13,000 initially.

The number of employees taking video-based certification assessments has also gone up from about 500 per day to about 1,000 per day after the lockdown.

Infy has also seen a rise in the number of people subscribing to learning programmes along with those completing courses.

Infosys’ Student Platform InfyTQ

Infosys’s student platform InfyTQ has also gained traction, where the number of students using it crossing 600,000.

These students use this platform for learning and about 130,000 taking certification assessments.

Speaking of InfyTQ, it is Infosys’ next-gen learning platform, with engagement platform for college students. It has helped the company engage and remote train 1000+ future hires by leveraging this platform and internal apps for engagement.

Infosys also cares about its trainees. In March, it had sent home trainees from its Global Education Center in Mysuru, due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

However, in order to not disturb the training sessions despite the lockdown going on, all the modules training was moved to virtual mode to comply with safety guidelines.

In just a week’s time, Infosys shifted all its physical training o virtual training and the trainers are busy training teams virtually.

Shankar also said that their employee collaboration and services platform InfyMe and learning app Lex are modular and mobile first, rapidly scalable as well as accessible anytime, anywhere. 

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