WFH Fading? 96K Employees From Infosys, 36K From Capgemini Will Work From Office Now

WFH Fading? 96K Employees From Infosys, 36K From Capgemini Will Work From Office Now
WFH Fading? 96K Employees From Infosys, 36K From Capgemini Will Work From Office Now

The Indian government recently allowed the tech companies to work with a workforce of 33%. Indian techies are gradually getting back to work in the office. 

Several IT giants like Infosys, HCL Technologies, SAP Labs, TCS and Wipro are stepping up their efforts to resume operations sending a few employees to work from office locations.

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Infosys Might Exceed to 40% Workforce in Offices!

On May 7, Infosys reopened its offices with a total workforce of 5% in Mangalore, Bengaluru, Mysore, Thiruvananthapuram, Pune and Hyderabad. This accounts for 12,000 employees from all over India.

The company plans to exceed the workforce to 40% in the coming week which will account for 96,000 employees. Infosys has over 2,40,000 employees in the country.

Infosys said in a tweet, “As lockdowns begin to ease across India, our CEO Salil Parekh, along with a few Infoscions, get back to our campuses that are equipped and prepared for the ‘new normal’.”

Capgemini Plans to Resume Operations With A Workforce of upto 15%!

Capgemini is planning to resume operations in the offices by 10-15% of the workforce. 

Pallavi Tyagi, CHRO at Capgemini India, told Business Insider, “We plan less than 10-15% of our employees to be in office currently depending on the criticality of the projects they are working on. We are working on a plan so that employees can come back to office in a phased manner. We will increase this number gradually depending on the guidelines to 25-30% over the next couple of weeks.” Capgemini plans to increase the workforce in the offices  in the coming weeks from around 18,000 employees to upto 36,000 employees.

Initially, the company plans to send employees to the office working on ‘extremely critical’ projects or those who are unable to work at home due to client security guidelines. 

Tyagi added, “We will slowly increase this number basis the guidelines and if there is a need for employees to be at the office. Else we will continue to permit work from home keeping in mind our employee’s health and safety. We have nearly 95% of our billable employees working from home and delivering to our clients.”

TCS In No Rush to Resume Operations in Offices!

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) during the lockdown had 95% workforce working from home on a global scale.The company has less than 1% of its employees currently working out of offices. The company says it is in no rush to resume working in offices.

TCS is also thinking of shifting to a 25/25 operating model by 2025, wherein only 25% of its employees will be required to be in the office at a time and only spend 25% of their time physically at their desk. 

TCS said in a statement, “We are resuming operations in a phased manner in select offices with minimal capacity after careful consideration and taking into account civic authority and state government orders. We have rolled out guidelines in our campuses which includes awareness sessions for employees and vendors, self-declaration forms, alteration of workspace layout and virtual collaboration tools for meetings. Other measures include temperature screening at all entry gates, use of hand sanitizers, periodic deep cleaning and disinfecting of office premises as also sanitising all Vehicles entering TCS premises.”

What Are Other IT Giants’ Plans to Resume Operations?

On the other hand, HCL Technologies and SAP Labs are rolling out necessary precautionary measures to help their employees. HCL is also implementing additional allowances like transport service, flexible lunch hours for employees and sterilization of the office campus to keep safety in check. 

Last month, Wipro started operations at its Kochi office keeping in mind the social distancing protocols. 

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