TCS, Infosys, Wipro Will Hire 100,000 Freshers In 2022: Top Skills In Demand? Salary?

The IT giant has no plans on slowing down its aggressive hiring drive.

TCS, Wipro and Infosys will hire nearly 1 lakh employees this fiscal, they announced in their Q3 results.

Last year, the three had hired a record 1.7 lakh employees, compared to just 31,000 in 2020.


To Service High Demand

This hiring spree can be attributed to speedy adoption of digital technologies thanks to the pandemic.

The pandemic forced offline businesses to go digital as consumers started availing tech services and virtual transactions.

This resulted in huge demand for IT talent, prompting companies to hire fast and hire a lot.

To Make Up For Losses

Another factor is the rising attrition in the IT industry which will likely continue in the next year as well.

Professionals with new-age digital skills are in high demand but the talent pool is limited, resulting in fierce competition among companies.


The country’s second largest company will hire over 55,000 freshers for FY22 as part of its global graduate hiring programme.

Chief Financial Officer Nilanjan Roy said that they are prioritising investments in talent acquisition and development.

It has expanded its hiring program to “support [its] growth ambitions”.


The IT giant has no plans on slowing down its aggressive hiring drive.

TCS has recruited a record 78,000 from campuses so far, almost doubling its fresher supply for the year- from 40,000 in FY21.

It hired 43,000 freshers in the first half of fiscal 2022.

In the third quarter itself, it onboarded 34,000 freshers planned for the entire second half.


Wipro has plans to recruit about 30,000 freshers in FY23.

President and CHRO Saurabh Govil shared that the company’s fresher hiring numbers were pegged at about 17,500 for FY22, more than 9,000 it had hired in FY21.

The firm said that its hiring strategy is to ensure there is no supply constraint in managing the robust demand environment.

It is also on course to onboard over 70 per cent more freshers from campus in FY22 against the previous year.

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