Big Win For 2.6 Lakh Employees: HCL Stops Recovering Advance Bonus (But How This Happen?)

Big Win For 2.6 Lakh Employees: HCL Stops Recovering Advance Bonus (But How This Happen?)
Big Win For 2.6 Lakh Employees: HCL Stops Recovering Advance Bonus (But How This Happen?)

It’s indeed a big moment for more than 2 lakh HCL employees in India.

In a twist of events, HCL, India’s 3rd biggest IT company, has decided to roll back their decision of ‘recovering’ the advanced incentives and bonus paid to their employees.

But how does this happen?

Keep reading to find out more.

HCL Will Not ‘Recover’ Advanced Bonus, Incentives

HCL has announced that they will stop the process of recovering advanced bonus paid to their employees. 

In a statement, HCL said, “During the pandemic, beginning last year, the organisation decided to waive off all the performance conditions attached to this component and pay 100 percent in advance to reward the employees. This advance variable payout (much like standard sign-on bonus terms and conditions) would be deducted if any employee left ahead of the completion of the performance review cycle, in the final settlement. Going forward, we will continue with the advance variable payout for our employees and have also waived off the recoveries w.e.f December 22, 2021,”

This means that the HCL employees who are resigning due to any reason, and not able to complete the performance cycle, won’t be pressured to return the advance bonus paid.

HCL Was Recovering Advanced Bonus Paid

Earlier, we had reported that HCL was arm-twisting their resigned employees, and pressurizing them to return the advanced bonus paid, for getting their relieving certificates.

We had shown how this is close to being blackmailing, and extremely unfair, unethical, since the bonus received by the employees have already been spent.

Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES), a prominent IT Employee Union had also sent a complaint letter to the Labor Ministry over this issue, and they also got an acknowledgment of the same.

Win For NITES For Their Efforts

Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate or NITES have been fighting this unfair treatment of HCL employees from the start, and they were in touch with hundreds of resigned employees, from whom HCL was ‘recovering’ the advanced bonus.

Finally, the efforts of NITES bore fruit, and HCL was forced to roll back their unfair ‘recovery’.

Commenting on this win for HCL employees, and their IT Union, Harpreet Saluja, President, Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate NITES said, “First step towards the success in resolving bonus issues of HCL Technologies employees. NITES hardwork & efforts have forced HCL Technologies to revoke EPB Bonus recovery policy for all employees across India. We will continue to strive hard and fight till the other AMPB bonus recovery policy is not revoked. We are in process of filing a court case against HCL Technologies against illegal bonus recovery policy & for refund of the Bonus amount deducted to all employees. NITES thanks all the IT Sector Employees for supporting this campaign and request for continuous support in future.”

However, there is still another category of advanced bonus, called Engagement Performance Bonus, that can be still recovered from the resigned employees.

And NITES is working to roll back this recovery as well. 

We will keep you updated as more details come in. 

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