Infosys Hired Thousands Of Americans For Doing Nothing! Here’s The Shocking Truth

Global mass recruiters, like Infosys, have more employees than it needs for its clients
Global mass recruiters, like Infosys, have more employees than it needs for its clients

Indian IT giants like Infosys, TCS and Wipro have been on a hiring spree in the US markets, especially after former US President Donal Trump tightened rules around the revered US non-immigrant visa, the H-1B visa, which is used heavily by IT and business companies in India to send employees to offshore US clients’ locations.

These Indian companies are hiring the US pool in large numbers, cutting off dependencies on the US work visa. As that happens, many young workers have found themselves in a fix, where they are getting paid handsomely to do nothing.

Infosys Employees on Bench

Global mass recruiters, like Infosys, have more employees than it needs for its clients, and according to a Verge report, the employees who remain as spare, i.e. on the bench, find themselves getting paid to do nothing.

According to one such Infosys employee on Bench in the US, states that initially staying on the bench has its perks, as remote working and his work situation gave him lots of spare time to play video games. However, with time it got difficult to explain to his family about his work, adds the report.

Another Infosys on-Bench employee stated that he was hired by the IT giant as a business analyst, and got paid to attend a short-duration training program to learn the same.

However, after finishing his training, the employee was put on the Bench. He was quoted by the Verge report saying, “Eventually, you see people bringing in a deck of cards to work. There’s no supervision; there’s nothing to do; there’s no projects to get on, but we’re required to be there.”

He added that despite having two years of experience in IT, he formally had no experience as a business analyst.

Infy and TCS on US Hiring Spree

Despite the new US administration nhow in picture, IT giants like Infosys and TCS continue to hire more in the US from the US pool. In 2017, Infosys had set a target to hire 10,000 American workers in the upcoming two years, and ended up hiring 13,000.

In September last year, the Bengaluru-based IT giant announced its plan to hire 12,000 American workers over the next two years, bringing its hiring commitment in the country to 25,000 over five years.

Infosys’ competitor, TCS also announced to hire 10,000 workers by 2022, and has already created 21,500 jobs in the country from 2015 to 2020.

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