Google For India 2021: Book Vaccine Slots On Google With Aadhaar; Rs 75,000 Cr For Digitizing India!

Use Google Assistant To Book Your Covid-19  Vaccination Slot!
Use Google Assistant To Book Your Covid-19 Vaccination Slot!

Alphabet Inc-owned Google’s laid the roadmap for India, the digital ecosystem of the world’s fifth-largest economy journey with the 7th Google for India event.

Google is focusing on the $10 billion investment in India !

“Across people, businesses, and institutions, the outbreak of COVID-19 has catapulted India’s adoption of digital to unprecedented levels. With the fundamental drivers of digitisation now in place, and millions of new users coming online, India’s goal of becoming a truly digital economy is within sight. It is now imperative that we step up our efforts in building products that are even more inclusive of India’s diverse and unique needs”

Sanjay Gupta, Country Head & Vice President, Google India.

Use Google Assistant To Book Your Covid-19  Vaccination Slot

Now you can use your Google Assistant for the end-to-end Covid-19 vaccination programme. 


So With Google Assistant, you can select the vaccine and time slot that is available. Your Aadhaar number is a must while you register for the slot.

Access Information In Your Favourite Language!

Users will now be able to use Google’s web pages in their favourite language, according to Google. It is currently accessible in five different Indian dialects.

If Google cannot find websites with information for a specific local language query, it will search for high-quality content on websites that may be in other languages and translate it into the language of the user’s query.

“Over the last few years, we’ve strived to remove barriers to information and reduce complexity, especially with innovations in speech recognition and language understanding. India continues to be a global leader in the adoption of these technologies. In fact, the number of Indians using voice queries daily is nearly two times the global average, and one-third of Google Assistant users in India are communicating with it in local languages for needs big and small”

Raghavan said.

“We want to scale beyond English and invest in access, so that effectively Indians in their language be it Punjabi or Tamil (can access the internet),” the India-born CEO said. 

JioPhone Next 

In India, Google dominates search, video, maps, and email. Google’s Android operating system is installed on nine out of ten smartphones sold in India.

Google teamed with Jio to bring JioPhone Next. Google and Jio jointly worked to create the Phone’s Operating System (OS).

The phone offers an HDR mode as well as Snapchat Lenses, which can be accessed immediately from the camera. JioPhone Next also have the Read Aloud and Translate Now are now OS-wide features 

“I am delighted that Google and Jio teams have succeeded in bringing this breakthrough device to Indian consumers in time for the festival season, despite the current global supply chain challenges caused by the Covid pandemic. I have always been a firm believer in the power of the digital revolution to enrich, enable and empower the lives of 1.35 billion Indians. We have done it in the past with connectivity. Now we are enabling it again with a smartphone device,”

Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani said.

Google Career Support 

When you visit the Google Career Support page, you will see several opportunities and training programs for college graduates.

There are internships opportunities and training programs such as Google Bold Program and APMM. Also, there are several scholarships and google offers.

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