India’s 1st Pod Hotel Opens At Mumbai Railway Station: Tariff, USPs, How To Book?

It is open to rail passengers and the general public.

India’s first pod hotel located in Mumbai Central railway station is now open.

A pod hotel was developed by a private firm in Andheri in 2017 but it is not functional anymore.



The newly inaugurated one is located on the first floor of the station building and occupies an area of approximately 3000 square feet.

It was developed in partnership with Urbanpod, India’s first and only pod hotel company on a revenue-share model.

It is open to rail passengers and the general public.

Types Of Pods

It consists of 48 capsule-like rooms categorised into classic pods, private pods and separate pods for women and the differently-abled.

There are 30 classic pods, 7 ladies only, 10 private pods and one for differently-abled passengers.

Classic pods and ladies only pods are meant for single guests, private pods include a private space within the room and those for the differently-abled can fit two guests with space for a wheelchair to move around.


These bed-sized capsules are an affordable option for overnight accommodation.

The tariff for 12 hours is Rs 999 and for 24 hours it is Rs 1,999.

The rate for a private pod for a 12-hour period is Rs 1,249 and for 24 hours it is Rs 2,499.


Amenities include free Wi-Fi, washrooms, luggage and shower rooms in the common area.

The air-conditioned pods are equipped with a television, mobile charging points, reading lights, a small locker, adjustable mirror,and  headphones.

Other modern features include smoke detectors and DND indicators.

Suitability, Bookings

The concept was first developed by Japan and is suitable for frequent travellers, backpackers, single travellers, corporate executives and study groups etc.

Bookings can be made online at the Urbanpod website.

The Indian Railways will construct other pod hotels if the one at Mumbai Central station is successful.

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