Twitter’s Paid Service Launched: Pay Rs 225 For These Benefits (Undo Tweet, Ads-Free & More)

The paid service brings a lot of perks to users at a monthly cost of US $2.99 / NZ$ 4.49.

Twitter has launched its premium service called Twitter Blue in the United States and New Zealand.

The paid service brings a lot of perks to users at a monthly cost of US $2.99 / NZ$ 4.49.


Among features on the website and apps for its subscribers include ad-free articles which it has introduced in partnership with US-based publications.

Some of the top news publishers who will provide their content without ads for Blue subscribers include The Washington Post, L.A. Times, USA TODAY, The Atlantic, Reuters, The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, Insider and The Hollywood Reporter.

Ad-Free Articles

The way it will work is that when a user clicks on a link from one of these publishers, it will open a fast-loading, ad and clutter free article page.

A portion of the monthly cost goes to these publications with each click on their articles.

Top Articles 

Subscribers gain access to the Top Articles feature which displays the most-shared articles within the past 24 hours in their network. 

This feature will be available on Android and desktop only.

Undo Tweet

One of the most requested features on the platform has been the ability to edit tweets.

While the feature does not exactly do that, it does give users the power to catch a typo and fix it before the tweet is fully posted with the Undo feature.

After posting a tweet, a timer begins during which the user can cancel sending the tweet.

Once the timer runs out, the tweet is automatically sent or the user can hit Send now to send it manually.

Reader Mode

Another long standing problem on the platform has been the messy way tweets in a long thread are displayed.

This mode aims to make that easier by turning the tweet thread into a long page, similar to the experience offered by some third-party services like Thread Reader.

Custom Navigation

The user will be able to customize their navigation bar.

This feature adds more options beyond the default Home, Explore, Notifications, and Messages.

Paid members can remove or rearrange these options and even add more for a total of six.

This feature is only available on iOS.


Users gain access to experimental features before they are rolled out to the public at large.

They can give their feedback and based on that the feature may become available to other users or scrapped altogether.

Some of the features being tested include a new 10-minute video limit feature (desktop-only) and new pinned conversations options within DMs (iOS-only).

Miscellaneous Features

Bookmarks feature allows users to sort saved tweets (aka “Bookmarks”) into folders for easier access.

iOS users get colorful themes and exclusive new app icons.

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