Whatsapp’s Community Push: Admins Can Create Groups Inside Group, Have More Power

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the global instant messaging services leader. As we all know it takes more effort to be at the top than reaching it, WhatsApp is also doing all it can to remain the most loved instant messaging app throughout the world. At regular intervals of time, it keeps on bringing to retain the attention of its users. This constant innovation also helps these WhatsApp to keep the tough competition like Telegram at bay.

Now, WhatsApp is coming up with a string of new features which have become the talk of the town.

WhatsApp to launch Communities feature

According to reports, WhatsApp is working on a new Communities feature. The Communities feature on WhatsApp will give admins more power over groups. This new feature will enable admins to create groups within groups. It will also let admins invite new users via a Community Invite Link and then start messaging other members.

Notably,, the issue of contention all over the world, privacy of chats appear to be end-to-end encrypted. A subtle design change will allow users to distinguish Communities from regular group chats. As per the report, Community icons are expected to be square with rounded corners.

It is unclear when the company is planning to launch, the Communities feature on WhatsApp. This new feature will help the company compete with other messaging apps like Telegram, which offer a host of features.

Other new features are also being introduced

Recently WhatsApp introduced three new features to its web version. The company has notified that users will now be able to edit photos on the web version too. Preview links have also been added. WhatsApp Web is also getting a new sticker suggestion feature.

Users will now get access to sticker suggestions when they type a message. This will enable them to find the right sticker for their conversations.

It is a common experience for all those who use a sticker during a conversation that they have to go through multiple tabs to find the right sticker, which disrupts the flow. At times one can’t find the sticker easily. The new update will solve this problem.

With a string of new features, WhatsApp is strengthening its position.

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