Weird! Some Android Apps Are Automatically Downloaded Without Consent; Do This Right Away

In the age of digitization, Security, Privacy have become the keywords in discussions of citizens throughout the world. Many watchdogs have been working throughout the world, to enforce data privacy and security. Still, at various times, we hear the news of data breaching. Various softwares/apps are also trying to avoid the watchdogs and get into your phones. A similar incident is recently happening on the island of the Google Play Store. It seems that some of the app makers have found a way to avoid Google’s security.

Apps are being downloaded without users’ consent

According to a Reddit thread, some Android apps are getting downloaded into smartphones without the user’s permission. A Reddit thread has given proof of numerous users who have faced a similar issue. One such Android app in question is still listed on Google Play Store. Given the fact that the app has is still listed on the Play Store, other malicious actors can also bypass the store’s safety pre-requisites.

The app which gets automatically downloaded is “Weather Home-Live Radar Alerts & Widget”. The thread also showcases some screenshots of the ad that led to the download. Despite the user were not interested in downloading the app, the app got downloaded in the background.

People complain about the same on the Play Store

The reviews of the application on the Google Play Store highlight this problem. Some users even claim that if the so-called weather app is selected as default, it changes the entire outlay of the home screen.

One of the reviews on Google Play Store read, “WARNING this app downloads without permission. I had an ad pop up on a game I clicked out if it, and it started downloading. Does it every time an ad pops up, even if you cancel out of the ad. This is a HUGE red flag. Wish I could block the app.”

Another review read, “Installed itself simply from trying to close an ad. I didn’t want this app, it was pushed on to me much like I was roofied and unsure of what just happened. 1 star.”

As per the Reddit post, this technology is from DSP Digital Turbine which has found a way to avoid Google Play interaction in the process of installing an app. 

Android users are advised to read reviews carefully before downloading an application. This will help users make sure that it is not fake also give an insight into how good or bad the app is. But incidentally in the current kind of security breach users never got the chance to go through the app’s pros and cons.  

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