High Demand For iPhone 13 In Smaller Towns Of India; Demand Rise By 50% Since 2019

Every manufacturer wants its products to reach every corner of the world. But it takes a lot more than just manufacturing the product. It takes a whole ecosystem for products to reach millions. Sometimes there are brand awareness problems, sometimes supply chains are ruptured, if everything goes well, the buying capacity of consumers might not be enough for your product.

It looks like, for the high-end products like Apple iPhone and Samsung Flip Phone, all these problems are vanishing out of the path.

Indian Tier 2/3 cities witness a 50% rise in demand for high-end smartphones like iPhone

According to analytics firm PredictiVu, the demand for high-end smartphones in tier-2 and 3 cities is 50 percent higher than it was in 2019. Various reasons are being cited for this. Some major reasons are, increasing brand awareness, more payment options, and pent-up demand.

Mobile retailers in these smaller cities and towns are seeing record demand for phones priced above Rs 40,000 like the newly launched Samsung flip phone and Apple’s iPhone 13 series

It is expected that the demand for premium phones between metros and non-metros is 80:20 and by the year-end, the ratio is expected to be narrowing down to 65:35. Recent months have witnessed a sharp decline in the supply of chips. According to the report, the gap would have closed even further if the industry had not faced the chip shortage that derailed the supply of smartphones.

Demand has increased across the country

The growth in demand is not limited to a limited part of the country. The demand has increased from hinterlands across the country. Smaller cities in Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala have witnessed an increase in demand for high-end smartphones.

Nikunj P Patel, who owns 45 stores under his retail chain Fonebook in Gujarat said, “I am getting consumers from Valsad, Mehsana, Vapi, Anand, and Kalol asking for Apple iPhone 13, Samsung’s flip phone. Inquiries have also come in for Vivo’s upcoming launches in the higher ranges.”

According to Navkendar Singh, research director at IDC, there was an unprecedented 50 percent increase in demand (in smaller towns and cities) for the premium and mid-premium segments compared to 2019.

“The launches are fewer now and there is disposable income, which in turn, is pushing the demand,” Singh added further.

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