JEE Mains Leaked: CBI Investigates TCS iON Exam Software; Was it Hacked?

JEE Mains Leaked: CBI Investigates TCS iON Exam Software; Was it Hacked?
JEE Mains Leaked: CBI Investigates TCS iON Exam Software; Was it Hacked?

The iON platform TCS has been compromised and the details about the exam of JEE Mains have been leaked. This CBI has now launched an investigation into the matter.

Read on to find out how the hackers leaked JEE Mains data.

TCS’ iON Hacked, JEE Mains Leaked; CBI Launches Investigation

The country’s largest digital assessment software provider by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), TCS iON had been appointed to conduct the national level exams, including NEET and JEE Mains, in a secure and fair manner.

TCS iON also shoulders the responsibility of logistics requirements for the tests, which includes managing test labs and appointing venue heads.

However, the iON platform has been compromised and three directors of an entity based in Noida have been arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation. CBI is also looking into multiple TCS iON’s labs at several locations where tests were conducted. This also includes a university in Sonipat.

An irregularity was noticed by TCS in its testing systems on September 1. However, the JEE Mains exam was scheduled between August 26 and September 2. 

CBI has arrested seven people in relation to the case, including three directors from Affinity Education, a private coaching centre.

How Did The Breach Happen?

As per sources, external applications or tools are not introduced to TCS iON’s systems. They aren’t given access to computers and the internet as well. However, this time, it seems that test computers may have had an external application pre-installed. This was used to connect to the internet remotely and access the computer during the tests.

As per the source, “This is often done by coaching centres in remote areas. They connive with the venue heads and help students share the screens of their tests remotely and, someone else, most likely from the coaching centre would complete the test on the student’s behalf.”

The source also stated that the students pay an advance of around Rs. 2 to 3 lakh per system getting hacked. These systems are installed with these remote access tools before the exams took place.

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