TCS Launches Remote Exam Software For Students: It Locks Your Computer, Camera Will Catch You Cheating!

TCS Launches Remote Exam Software For Students: It Locks Your Computer, Camera Will Catch You Cheating!
TCS Launches Remote Exam Software For Students: It Locks Your Computer, Camera Will Catch You Cheating!

The exam timetable of many schools and educational institutions has been hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The strategic unit of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), TCS iON, has announced the launch of Remote Assessments, a product that enables universities and exam boards to conduct secure, free and fair examinations at scale, in a remote model.

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Appearing for Examinations Made Easy!

TCS iON is a strategic business unit of Tata Consultancy Services focused on enabling institutions, government departments and organizations from multiple industry sectors to be efficient in their recruitment/admissions process, learning and skilling and overall business operations with the use of ‘Phygital’ platforms. These are platforms that overlay digital technologies over physical assets.

TCS iON Remote Assessments helps address the challenge of the educational institutions by enabling students to appear for exams from home or anywhere.

Venguswamy Ramaswamy, Global Head, TCS iON, commented on this announcement saying, “Continuing our efforts to help the education sector with remote enablement, we launched the TCS iON Remote Assessments product. This will ensure that exam administrators are able to conduct exams in a secure way, at speed and with no dependency on the candidates’, proctors’ or exam administrators’ location. This will help authorities quickly schedule and complete the exam process.” 

A large number of reputed examination bodies and education institutions have already started leveraging TCS iON Remote Assessments to conduct their academic exams. So far, more than 28 Million candidates have been assessed through this product. 

Interested examination bodies and educational institutions can quickly start scheduling assessments by registering here

Features of TCS iON Remote Assessments!

TCS iON Remote Assessments enables controls at 3 levels, based on the institution’s requirements: 

  1. At the basic level, it locks down the candidate’s device – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, and just enables it to capture exam responses. 
  2. At the second level, the product leverages the camera of the device and sends a video stream to a central server on the cloud. These video streams are analyzed using artificial intelligence and machine learning frameworks to detect malpractice attempts and alert the invigilators. 
  3. The third level includes all these features as well as enables invigilators to proctor candidates in real-time, from anywhere.

The system also provides a rich set of features for invigilators to monitor candidates and take appropriate actions. 

TCS iON Remote Assessments supports more than 50 question types and gives an opportunity for the exam conducting authorities to evaluate students using subjective questions, diagrams and formulas. It also provides the ability to create question papers quickly and maintain them in an encrypted form, till they are shared with students just-in-time for the exam.

Most of the responses can be evaluated by the system and subjective answers can be assessed by an evaluator. 

The platform seamlessly integrates with the TCS iON Remote Marking platform, allowing

The assessors will mark the candidate responses from home. Scores are digitally processed and published, drastically reducing the time taken to announce the results.

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