Flipkart’s New App Empowers Small Businesses To Launch Ecommerce Store Instantly, Using Only Phone Number!

Flipkart's New App Empowers Small Businesses To Launch Ecommerce Store Instantly, Using Only Phone Number!
Flipkart’s New App Empowers Small Businesses To Launch Ecommerce Store Instantly, Using Only Phone Number!

Flipkart has launched an app called Shopsy which will facilitate Indian entrepreneurs to start their businesses online without the need for investment, inventory or logistics management.

Users can register on the app with their phone numbers and start their business.

Flipkart said that with Shopsy it wants to provide people access to products by other businesses through interactions with verified sellers.


Building E-Commerce In Non-Metros

Taking away the need for investment will also help increase e-commerce penetration especially in non-metros.

In Tier 2 and 3 cities, e-commerce penetration is dependent on assisted buying or intermediaries, similar to how “influencers” work in major metros.

Shopsy can instill trust in online transactions through communities and third party channels where consumers spend time.

Uses Of The App

With the app, users can share their catalogue with potential customers through social media and messaging apps.

Registered entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from Flipkart’s e-commerce expertise, catalog and its delivery networks and infrastructure.

Flipkart will fulfil the orders and serve as a “conduit between sellers and customers and introduce all kinds of interfaces, products and modules”.

For the entrepreneurs, the app will help boost reliability and speed, and end consumers will benefit from an enhanced experience.

Other uses include placing orders for their customers and earning commissions on the transactions.

The commission percentage is variable depending on the type of products being ordered.

Shopsy users can share catalogues comprising 15 crore products with potential customers on its platform such as fashion, beauty, mobiles, electronics and home, among others.

Flipkart Aims To Create Jobs

Prakash Sikaria, Senior Vice President – Growth and Monetization, Flipkart, said that his company has shown commitment to create direct and indirect job opportunities in India.

With the launch of Shopsy, Flipkart can extend its vision by providing additional earning opportunities for millions of budding Indian entrepreneurs.

The digital nature of this initiative will ensure that anyone can launch their online business without requiring investment, from any location.

Flipkart has set a target of empowering 25 million online entrepreneurs with digitisation and building a trusting network of customers by 2023.

Encourages Digitisation Of Small Businesses

It has highlighted the need for such initiatives as it has found that many Indians hesitate to transact online due to issues with trust and simplicity.

The pandemic has also exposed the need for a structural shift in the conduct of businesses, shopping practices of consumers and has encouraged small and micro businesses to go digital to retain profits.

Digitisation campaigns have also helped small businesses gain access to customers throughout the country.

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