Banks Will Be Closed For 15 Days In July! Check Full List Of Bank Holidays (July, 2021)

The month of July 2021 is not very far now, and the Reserve Bank of India has released a list of all the days on which banks will remain closed.

Read on to find out all bank holidays in the month of July 2021!

RBI Releases List Of Bank Holidays In July 2021

A notification has been issued by the Reserve Bank of India that announces the days on which public and private banking operations will remain closed in the month of July.

Lets not forget, these holidays also include the second and fourth Saturdays and all Sundays. 

If in case you have any work with your bank, be sure to avoid these days to visit the bank. 

As per the notice, the banks will be closed for a total of 15 days. Of these, 9 days are related to festivals. 

Banks have been forced to cut short the working hours as well as staff attendance to 50% in the light of COVID-19 pandemic.

The Negotiable Instruments Act, Holiday, Real Time Gross Settlement Holiday, and Banks’ Closing of Accounts are the three brackets under which these holidays have been notified by the RBI.

However, the online platforms of banking services will continue to be up and running even on these holidays that have been declared by the apex bank. Additionally, banking activities and holidays will be different from state to state and bank to bank.

The Reserve Bank of India has announced that the bank holidays are placed under three brackets – Holiday under Negotiable Instruments Act; Holiday under Negotiable Instruments Act and Real-Time Gross Settlement Holiday; and Banks’ Closing of Accounts. 

Complete List Of All Bank Holidays In July 2021

Here is a complete list of all the holidays in the month of July 2021:

4 July – Sunday

10 July – Second Saturday

11 July – Sunday

18 July – Sunday

24 July – Fourth Saturday

25 July – Sunday

12 July 2021 – Monday – Kang (Rathajatra)/Ratha Yatra

13 July 2021 – Tuesday – Bhanu Jayanti

14 July 2021 – Wednesday – Drukpa Tshechi

16 July 2021 – Friday – Harela

17 July 2021 – Saturday – U Tirot Sing Day/Kharchi Puja

19 July 2021 – Monday – Guru Rimpoche’s Thungkar Tshechu

20 July 2021 – Tuesday – Bakrid

21 July 2021 – Wednesday – Bakri Id (Id-Ul-Zuha) (Eid-UI-Adha)

31 July 2021 – Saturday – Ker Puja

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