Reliance Jio Can Launch India’s Cheapest Laptop On This Date; 5G Phones At Rs 2500?

Just like each year, Reliance Industries is going to have its Annual General Meeting this year. Indian telecom giant Jio Network is all set for its 44th AGM, which will be held on June 24th at 2 pm.

The event, just like the previous ones, shall be streamed on Youtube as well. Main highlights of this year’s event is the launch of the Jio 5G smartphone, rolling out the 5G network, and launching the Jio Book.

Cheapest 5G Smartphone

Mukesh Ambani, during the last year’s event said that the company has partnered with Google for the cheapest 5G phone launch in India.

Reportedly, latest Android’s forked version will be equipped in the new 5G phone. It shall most probably be priced around Rs. 2500, making it the most affordable 5G smartphone in the country.

Cheapest 5G smartphone in the market currently is priced at Rs. 13,999. The idea of having a 5G smartphone, that too, priced as low as 2500 rupees seems to a real game changer as it shall bring to revolutionary 5G network to millions of poor people in the country.

By mid-2021, there are plans by Jio to roll out 5G network services to the public, as per what the company stated in December last year. In the 5G trials, company said that it achieved over 1 GBPS speed. However, more details about its full-fledged launch will be revealed at this event.

Jio Book

Budget laptop, ‘Jio Book’ shall also be revealed at this event. Two variants of the budget laptop shall be launched. Following are the specifications of the laptop according to some sources:

  • Snapdragon 665 chipset
  • 366×768 resolution
  • 2GB RAM / 4 GB RAM
  • 32GB internal storage / 64GB internal storage

The launch date and the exact price of this Jio Book are expected to be unveiled at the AGM event.

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