Maharashtra Bans Non-Essential Ecommerce Orders; Amazon Requests To Allow All Deliveries

Maharashtra Bans Non-Essential Ecommerce Orders; Amazon Requests To Allow All Deliveries
Maharashtra Bans Non-Essential Ecommerce Orders; Amazon Requests To Allow All Deliveries

Considering the increasing number of COVID-19 infected patients in Maharashtra, The government of Maharashtra has imposed a locked down in the state. all Non-essential e-commerce deliveries have also been suspended. 

Amazon India has asked the government to Modify this order and allow it to deliver all products to customers.

As per the leading e-commerce platform, it has been a challenge to define a static essentials list. 

Amazon India Urges Maharashtra Government To Allow All Deliveries

A new lockdown of sorts was imposed in Maharashtra starting 8 PM on the 14th of April. The number of COVID-19 infected patients has been increasing rapidly in the state. Deliveries of only essential items have been allowed by the government as per the new guidelines.

However, Amazon India has said that a static essentials list has been difficult to be drafted and asked the government to allow deliveries of all products to customers.

A spokesperson of Amazon India stated,”Customers trust to safely deliver all products according to their respective needs. Currently, we are enabling deliveries of essential products in the state of Maharashtra in line with new guidelines set by the government.”

The spokesperson has said that the data from last year has showed that urgent customer needs vary from house to house making it all the more difficult to define a static essentials list. 

He said, “…therefore we request the government to allow delivery of all products as soon as possible. E-commerce is the safest way to serve consumers’ needs while supporting livelihoods of lakhs of small & medium businesses including the local shops,” the spokesperson said.

Industry Representatives Also Approach Govt. To Allow Deliveries

As per reports, industry representatives have also approached the Maharashtra government, Home Ministry, and DPIIT and requested them to permit the delivery of all items through online platforms in the state.

A spokesperson from Snapdeal has said that the company’s delivery in Maharashtra will be restricted to essentials only as directed by the government. Customers will reportedly be able to order from the entire catalog and those orders will be delivered to them when the government permits them.

As per the data by the Health Ministry, Maharashtra has recorded 594585 active cases at 8 AM on Wednesday which is an increase of 28307 from the previous day.

Along with Delhi-NCR and Karnataka, Maharashtra is a major market, making a double-digit contribution to e-commerce sales in the country, as revealed by industry estimates.

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