These 5 Indian Healthcare Startups Are Empowering Doctors With Cutting Edge Innovation

These 5 Indian Healthcare Startups Are Empowering Doctors With Cutting Edge Innovation
These 5 Indian Healthcare Startups Are Empowering Doctors With Cutting Edge Innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed major cracks in the healthcare industry in the world from unprepared hospital systems to shortages of nurses and treatment variances.

But if there is a silver lining to COVID-19 for the healthcare sector, and business development leaders in the industry, it is that people  have embraced digital medicine through remote patient care i.e. telemedicine and remote clinical trials like never before.

Prior to the pandemic, many people were slow to embrace telehealth for a wide number of reasons. Like they were skeptical of a doctor’s ability to diagnose remotely, or they didn’t like that it often involved an appointment with a physician who was not their designated primary care physician, etc.

As the focus continues on digitising medical records, India’s healthtech startups are turning their attention to providing voice-based solutions to Indian doctors and healthcare providers. 

Electronic medical records are an important area when it comes to digitising the healthcare provider network. Below are some startups mentioned that are creating doctor focused solutions to cope in such hard times :

Navia Life Care:  Navia Life Care serves over 8,000 doctors and 100 hospitals and clinics thereby providing better care to lakhs of patients. The startup is a boon for doctors and hospitals as it helps them to manage their patients with ease with the help of technology.

It aims to make the doctor’s life easy with the patient management system and provide an enhanced patient experience to them. Navia has come up with various concepts to digitize the healthcare industry like Voice AI feature, Telemedicine, and networking apps.

MFine: MFine connects you to specialist doctors from the most trusted hospitals. Consult doctors online across 30+ specialities via chat, audio, or video call instantly.

It brings the doctors which are available on the common platform using technologies. One can also book a health check or a lab test from the comfort of your home. Online Doctor consultation via MFine is the easiest and most convenient way to address health concerns. builds deep learning solutions that aid physicians with routine diagnosis and treatment, allowing them to spend more time with patients. 

It’s advisory panel consists of radiologists, other doctors and public health experts. They work with these specialists to define clinically relevant problems and design real-world solutions.

Medishala: Patna-based healthtech startup Medishala aims to bridge the great healthcare divide between urban and rural areas by bringing doctors to the people, instead of the other way around, and enabling affordable care delivery. 

Healthtech startup Medishala offers two solutions: telemedicine facilities, which allow patients to consult doctor online from their homes, and a digital clinic, which enables patients to go to a nearby Medishala centre where attendants can help them connect with doctors online using IoT equipment.

Healthplix: HealthPlix offers software solutions to help doctors digitise entire clinic operations and manage patient interactions seamlessly.  It provides electronic medical record (EMR) software to medical practitioners, assisting them with clinical decision support, generating e-prescriptions and digitally managing the operations of their clinics.

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