PUBG Crosses 100 Crore Downloads, Outside China! Revenues Surge By 29%

PUBG Mobile game records 1 billion downloads in and outside China.
PUBG Mobile game records 1 billion downloads in and outside China.

While reporting the release of its online games, the Chinese multinational technology company Tencent announced the feat achieved by its popular game ‘PUBG Mobile’.

As per company reports, PUBG Mobile has successfully crossed over a billion downloads in total, within and outside China.

The only two mobile games ranking ahead of PUBG in the number of downloads are Kiloo Games’ Subway Surfers and King Digital Entertainment’s Candy Crush Saga, while the gameplay of these two games are much less complex compared to PUBG Mobile, states the analytics firm Sensor Tower. 

PUBG Mobile’s ‘Battle Royale’ Mode Most Popular

Tencent Holdings’ PUBG Mobile game has achieved a milestone of 1 billion downloads in Chinese as well as international markets.

Tencent has made this announcement in a recent release on report of its online games.

The company has informed that while PUBG Mobile game provides different modes, the most admired is the battle royale mode.

An analyst at Niko Partners comments, “PUBG Mobile achieving 1 billion downloads shows that core games, in this case a AAA Battle Royale title based on the PC IP of the same name, can achieve the same scale in the mobile space.”

Tencent’s Revenue Hiked by 29% in Q4

In the announcement, Tencent spoke about the hike in its revenue recorded in Q4, which was by 29%.

This was a result of the increasing paying users for video games in China and international markets. 

Its two hit games, Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile, continued to top the rankings in China and internationally, respectively, in the same quarter, stated the company.

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