FAU-G Ban Trending, But Why? Public Wants FAUG Banned After PUBG Mobile

After PUBG, it’s now F-AUG which the public wants to be banned. A new Twitter trend — #SavetheYouthbanFauG is picking up fast. According to multiple users, the game can be addictive and violent, the same allegations made by many against PUBG Mobile. While PUBG ban was not due to backlashes, but because of the national security concerns after the military clash at Galwan Valley. 

FAU-G Ban Trending, But Why? Public Wants FAUG Banned After PUBG Mobile

FAUG was announced just after PUBG Mobile was banned in India, and it remains a desi alternative to the popular battle royale game. 

Vishal Gondal, one of the founders of FAUG, gave an interview regarding the same to Moneycontrol, in which he explained how the company is making money. It’s from in-app purchases (IAPs), selling ammunition, swords and more. Even you can order t-shirts within the game. 

Users have alleged that FAUG is promoting violence amid youth and kids. 

As per the allegations, options as in choosing money to buy weapons and such can turn out to be dreadful for kids. FAU-G is even termed destructive by one user. FAU-G ban seem unlikely as of now, but growing allegations may turn out to be a big setback for the company. The makers have been blamed to cash in the opportunity of addiction that PUBG Mobile created. 

In response to the allegations, Gondal cited examples of real money games like rummy, poker and more. Gondal till now has received over 10 legal notices for the tweet against these games and the FAU-G ban Twitter trend is an outcome for that criticism.

FAU-G has been quite popular since launch despite average graphics and gameplay experience, though ban is unlikely to happen over a Twitter trend. Games dealing with real money in the country have been facing criticism since a long time now with even bans in some states. From people committing suicide to debts due to overspending on apps, the FAU-G Twitter trend is a result of Gondal criticism of the gaming industry.

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