FAU-G Initial Impressions, Gameplay: Download Link, Visuals, Performance

FAU-G may sound like a PUBG alternative, but it isn’t. When you start the game, FAU-G has cut-scenes with GI Joe like visuals and a which sets the tone. You play as an Indian soldier in the unit called FAU-G. It’s stationed at Galwan Valley. The unit has been attacked by the Chinese troops. Your squad mates are imprisoned and you are left to die. 

FAU-G Initial Impressions, Gameplay: Download Link, Visuals, Performance

There’s bunch of options to combat as punching, kicking, stabbing, and slamming alongside makeshift clubs, pipes, and axes.


There are no guns as of now. Also, due to a bilateral agreement between India and China in 1996, no guns are allowed in combat in the Galwan Valley, so that’s some good attention to detail. 

It’s about an hour and a half long, you get to beat the foreign enemies, replenish your health at checkpoints, see cut-scenes which progresses the story, rinse and repeat. FAU-G has a simple gameplay with some interesting turnarounds.

The hand-to-hand combats are designed simply. FAU-G doesn’t allow you to lock into enemies and there are no dodge moves. In terms of graphics and appearance, nCore have done a good job. FAU-G seems solid and simple with a variety of inputs. The mountains, tents and passageways, all seem quite contesting.

Coming to performance, FAU-G has graphic options ranging from low to ultra. There are no frame drops or slow down tested on Redmi Note 8 (4GB RAM model). 

There’s in-game currency starting from Rs 19 to Rs 2,999 with options to buy real-life merchandise as FAU-G T-shirts and hoodies. FAU-G is free to download. You earn in-game currencies by watching video ads. There are no other ads in such. 

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