PUBG Competitor: FAU-G Gets 40 Lakh Registrations Before January 26th Launch!

PUBG Competitor: FAU-G Gets 40 Lakh Registrations Before January 26th Launch!

The ban of Chinese apps literally took a toll on Indian gamers as PUBG was taken away from them. Soon after a game named FAU-G started gaining recognition even before its release as people looked at it as the Indian alternative of PUBG. 

Though that is not true, this assumption has worked in favour of the game developed by Bangalore based gaming company nCore Games. Days before its release on 26th January, the gaming app has already recorded over 4 million registrations on the Google play store.

FAU-G To Reach 5 Million Mark Soon?

nCore games has strategically chosen the release date of its most awaited game. On Republic day the gaming app is going to be released only on the Google play store, considering that the majority of Indians are android users. It will be available on Apple Store later in the year.

FAU-G had crossed the mark of 1 million registered within 24 hours of getting listed on the Google Play Store in December last year. In a recent interview, the Founder of nCore games, Vishal Gondal had announced the news of FAU-G recording 4 million pre-registrations on 14 January. It has achieved this feat even though currently the app is not supported by some low-end smartphones.

In the same interview, Gondal also predicted that registration of the app will reach 5 million before its launch. He also assured that the game will also be supported by all the low-end smartphones very soon. If the predictions are true, FAU-G might become the first-ever game to achieve the milestone in India.

How Is FAU-G Different From PUBG?

The ban on PUBG and the similarity in the names of both the games, helped FAU-G create hype. Besides, the developer company’s collaboration with Akshay Kumar just one day after PUBG’s ban only accelerated its publicity. We must say, the marketing strategies of this gaming app are on point.

Unlike PUBG, FAU-G is not a battle royale game and does not focus on weapons and gaming modes. The Indian game will be driven by a storyline with Indian soldiers as its characters. The players will have to complete missions to move ahead in the story. The teaser suggests that the first episode will be based upon the Galwan Valley in Ladakh.

If you want to register for this much-awaited game, you can find it by the name FAU-G Fearless and United Guards on Google Play Store and click on the “register” button.

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