Amazon Delivery Partners On Strike In Pune Over Better Pay; Deliveries, Returns Paralyzed

The grinding halt of the last-mile delivery network of Amazon has cause a bit of distressed in one of the most livable cities of India, Pune.

In the light of demanding better pay and insurance cover from the company, the delivery personnel have went on strike on March 16. Deliveries have taken a toll as almost 20 delivery hubs in the city are affected.

Protesting against the pay policy of company, a delivery person said that the company is constantly reducing the cut that we make from each delivery.

Delivery people are finding it hard to sustain due to the sky touching prices of petrol and squeezing delivery pay per payment. Also, despite being prone to accidents, no insurance cover of any sort is provided to the delivery men.

Better Rates & Health Insurance Must Be Provided : Delivery Partners

Demands of restoring the earnings to earlier rates and a basic health insurance cover is what delivery people are seeking.

The earnings have dramatically gone down and many delivery person despite working for 15-16 hours daily find it difficult to put enough food on the table.

This matter was taken to Kishore Shinde, a member of the regional political outfit MNS. Shinde assured delivery people that Amazon assured him that the company won’t decrease the delivery persons’ commission any further.

Not A Package Delivered, Stocks Piling

Since 8,000 Amazon delivery partners in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad area went on a strike, not even a single package in the city has been delivered which has in turn led to the stocks piling like anything at the delivery hubs.

Shipping dates for the placed orders are being rescheduled by ecommerce giant. Also, no new orders are being taken as the pincode for delivery is showing that its not available.

Failing to resume work, threats of firing were made reportedly by managers.

The company in its statement said that enormous value is given to listening to the feedback of their partners and addressing their issues to improve the experience for their employees and our partner network.

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