Mumbai Local Trains Won’t Open For All Till February 1st Week; What’s The Main Problem?

Mumbai Local Trains Won't Open For All Till February 1st Week; What's The Main Problem?
Mumbai Local Trains Won’t Open For All Till February 1st Week; Crowd Management Is The Challenge

We have been providing you with regular updates by the Maharashtra government on activities regarding Mumbai locals.

Last year on Oct 16, after a series of rejections, the Railways finally gave in to Maharashtra government’s interests of starting Mumbai locals for women, during off peak hours.

After receiving countless pleas from the residents of the city on resuming the local trains services for all, the reports have just fled in that the Railways might consider starting suburban local trains services for everyone, by the end of January or first week of February.

These possibilities are stirring up due to the mass Covid-19 vaccination drive started across Maharashtra, followed by a reduction in the number of active Covid cases.

Let’s learn what can be expected of this.

Covid-19 Vax Drive Stirs Up Positive News for Mumbai Locals

With the second day of vax drive in Mumbai on Tuesday, reports of likeliness of Mumbai locals to resume by the end of Jan or the first week of Feb, have been coming in.

According to some sources of the Railways, due to the ongoing vaccination drive across the state and the number of positive cases reduction in the city, the suburban local trains services are likely to resume for everyone.

Since the nationwide lockdown early last year, Mumbai local services were shut down due to the pandemic, which was resumed later, only for essential services staff, along with government employees.

Currently, differently-abled people, cancer patients, women, and lawyers are allowed to travel by train too.

Crowd Control Management Still Remains a Challenge

Even though there is a strong possibility of resumption of local train services for all public by February 1st week, the Railways officials have highlighted that the move would take place only after a thorough review of the current situation.

“Currently, we are operating more than 90% of local train services and do not have any problems. We are waiting for the state government directive on allowing the general public. A decision is expected soon, once the pandemic situation is reviewed.”, states a railway official.

Another official states that despite a reduction in the number of positive cases across the city, major work will have to be done in putting the crowd management arrangements at railway stations in place.

“There has not yet been any finalisation on resumption of train services for the public. Discussions are underway. Only after completely reviewing the situation with the state government and the observance of coronavirus protocols, will local train services be resumed”, adds the official.

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