HCL Will Hire 20,000 Freshers, Experienced Employees In Next 180 Days; 15% Will Be Sent Abroad

HCL Will Hire 20,000 Freshers, Experienced Employees In Next 180 Days; 15% Will Be Sent Abroad
HCL Will Hire 20,000 Freshers, Experienced Employees In Next 180 Days; 15% Will Be Sent Abroad

After almost a year of slow paced functioning, all the companies are gearing up to accelerate their operations. Even the indian multinational IT and consulting company, HCL Technologies, has a plan to emerge stronger in the new year. This strategic plan includes mass hire of about 20,000 employees in the next two quarters of 2021.

HCL Fulfilling Its ‘Big Demand Pipeline’

Sharing the insights on the number of employees, President and CEO of HCL Tech, C Vijayakumar told that the company added 6,500 employees in the third quarter of 2020 to satisfy the heavy demand. He also hinted towards expanding the team even more by hiring around 20,000 freshers and experts in the next 4-6 months.

This Noida based IT company reported a rise of 31.1% in the net profits thus generating a massive revenue of 10 billions in the year 2020. Moreover, the company hired a total of 12,422 employees throughout last year and started the new year with around 1.6 lakh employees. 

Besides the company’s attrition level was around 12.2% in the previous quarter and saw an overall decline from 16.8% to 10.2% last year.

HCL Encouraging Local Hiring

Vinaykumar also mentioned that 15% of the newly hired employees will be assigned onshore duties while the other 85% will be allocated to different offshore countries.

He highlighted that HCL tech is trying to be less dependent on visas to avoid the complexities related to it. For that the company is trying to build a base by hiring more number of local employees. To prove his point, he gave the instance of the company’s office in the US where 69.8% of the total workforce is made up of localities.

“In fact, in the last quarter the localisation ratio went up from 67% to 70% almost, So, our dependency on visas is low” the CEO said.

Offshore Plans Of HCL

Currently The Noida based company is majorly located in India and other east european countries and is planning to expand even more. For that it is firmly trying to find places where it can 

Therefore, the company had started investing in southern countries like Sri Lanka and Vietnam to establish a foundation. The working at Sri lankan centers has already started in June last year.

The company is planning to offer 1,500 job offers to the Srilankan localities in the next 18 month. Whereas, it revealed its plans of setting up Vietnam delivery centers in Hanoi in December and providing employment to 3,000 employees over the span of 3 years.

These new ventures of HCL Technologies will help to expand in the Asia pacific region and target the engineering client in the Japanese market.

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